Friday, May 02, 2008

I'd Like To Thank All The Little People!

Well, I happened by one of my alternate blogs that I participate in, WTF Friday, which you all should've read by now if not, go check it out... it's a cool blog. It seems that everyone's favorite Mod, Cappy, from "The Tranquility of Solitude" (among others) has given me an Award Certificate for "Best Post Yet" for a post I did last week entitled "Killer Biscuits Running Loose". I'm quite proud of this achievement, and would like to thank, as I stated above, all the little people... as well as everyone who thought that was a funny article. And it was! :)

So thanks a bunch Cappy! The award was totally unexpected, and greatly appreciated. -AJ

Here's my award! (Click To Enlarge).


Nothingman said...

he he congrats, that certi is just too rad!

can i get me one too?:P


p.s we are back n posting, thanks for ur comment that, it helped a lot!!

awa said...

Congrats, my bad ass buddy! Yeedeehawww!

R.E.H. said...

Congratulations! That's a sweet looking award/certificate!

I gotta get my lazy bum over there and read up some - just I'm barely keeping up with what I'm already reading... it's hard right now for me to pick up new reads.

Joshua said...


BBC said...

Cute award, you earned it.