Friday, May 16, 2008

Forgotten Scents

Springtime is the main time I get this way I think. The scents, all around me, whisking by reminding me of all the good ol' days. Those wonderful by gone days. Scents always accompany music for me, of course, so if you get the right tune and the right type of scent then it can be Legendary! :)

Seems like spring brings all the good ones though, that smell of 'freshly cut grass' begins, going into summer. Makes my mind wander... waking up on a Saturday morning, hearing Dad outside running the lawn mower, and Mom inside funking up the house with that horrible "hospital strength" Lysol, so of course I headed outside to smell the fresh grass as soon as I was awake enough to function (always been a late sleeper).

Certain perfumes and colognes are fabulous. My favorites are Clinique's "Happy", Calvin Klein's "Eternity", "Sunflowers"... just to name a few. The smell of a semi-sweating man in the summer with just the right kind of cologne on can be immensely titillating!

Tanning lotions, or sunblock (that beachy, "Cocoa Butter" smell? Those are wonderful. Makes me feel like I'm face down in the sand on my beach towel, burning my overly-white buns in the sun. Ahhh memories.

Honeysuckle Rocks hardcore! That one takes me back to early childhood because we had tons of Honeysuckle bushes around our ten acres. The best part about that was if it was a spot that had not been crop dusted with chemicals, you can actually take the little stem out of the middle of the flower and put it in your mouth and eat the honeysuckle. (That is if you feel like braving the bees). It's delicious!

Walking outside around the house in the spring or summer, and smelling the clothes drying (that smell of "fabric softener"), or if she were line drying clothes, the sheets floating in the air, smelling so fresh... yummy.

After having been outside playing until you're burned and sweating profusely (stinky summer children), coming inside and feeling the air conditioner vent, and the smell of a freshly cut watermelon, pure heaven.

Kids today don't even know about these sorts of things. They will be blogging in 10 or 20 years about their video games and their various electronic gadgets, none of which have any nostalgic sweetness to them... They don't know what they missed out on, the sweet memories of innocent, creative childhood... wasn't it the best?

What summer scents get your Nostalgia flowing?

Here's a little Friday nostalgia, this song was on my mind... enjoy "Space Age Love Song" by Flock of Seagulls. (Yeah I know their hair was F'd up! And I know that this isn't Hardcore, or Punk, or Raw Outlaw country, but I love this song.

Agenda for Later Today:
>>Will get to those Vocal Podcasts on my Teen "Larry R." crush... I promise!


JINKS said...

Love those smell memories, well most of, for me it's the scent of gardenia coming through the screen windows on the south side of my homeplace. that dampness around a fishing pond or the mud smell from the mist in an open spillway. come on Saturday and a little dry air to help capture those on coming summer scents.

Jay said...

If you came up here you could stand outside and smell cattle and chicken farms. All that fertilizer and waste. Ahhhhhhh ... so fresh1 ;-)

Anonymous said...

sent you an e-mail--- tamra

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Walking through a field on a hot summers day in the countryside with the smell of wild flowers and the sound of a tractor in the distance and the buzz of insects....


Anonymous said...

When I let out a big juicy egg fart, the smell reminds me of eating Egg McMuffins in college.