Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mama Told Me Not To Come

Sometimes, just sometimes, you run out of cool titles for the posts. When that happens, I have no shame, I like song titles and random generators. I didn't want to name the post something about hump day, but since it is Hump Day, you may or may not have seen the following video, which has been on Ebaumsworld. Seems that a Russian press conference was disturbed by someone flying a remote control dildo. Just the look on everyone's face, and the sudden looks of shock on the faces of the guys standing next to the speaker were enough to make me ROFLMAO. As one person pointed out, what could be the "title" of the guy who had to go and swat the thing down?? Possibilities are endless on that. Anyways, Watch The Video.

Yeah. I like that. Russians have a sense of humor... indeed.

People-behavior has been getting on my nerves left and right again lately. It's so hard because I try to think good thoughts, do good things, and keep my karmic track record at least semi-acceptable ;) But how can I when everyone I encounter is an idiot, or an asshole? On the road, in the elevator, in the garage, on the phone, in the store... just neverending.

So just note that I don't mean any harm, but I simply must vent. Some of these are old, tired topics that I have ranted on before. But here it is "Jackie's Hump Day Hate List". Join me, won't you?

  1. People who 'assume' your THE ONE to talk to for anything, so that you have to be interrupted and waste an hour of life that you'll never get back again PROVING to them, that they don't know what they're talking about, and that they should've called "so-and-so" in the first place. I'm always 'the one'. Oh, call Jackie for that issue... no, it's a problem with ____, Jackie's the one. Sorry to inform you guys (and I want to say this sooo badly in the heat of the moment), That's not under my job description... I don't know anything about that, I have never heard of ____ and have never worked with it, and I wish you would leave me alone. But no, I slap on a smile, and if I can't help, I direct you to the right person, or help as much as I can (that should be some cool points, right??).

  2. Those who can clearly see that you are busy, and pop up behind you being nosy, or interrupt what you're doing (while waiting for someone else they need who might be on the phone or talking to someone else), or interrupts a conversation you're having with someone. Then totally just overstay their welcome, rambling on about something closer to nothing. When you finally get to turn back around and get to what you were doing, you've lost your place, so you take a break and go eat some candy-lol

  3. Once again, drivers. Drivers who 'snail' their way into the middle of the road "cutting you off" in 60MPH traffic going all of 10. I'm sorry-you deserve to be rear ended, but once again, I'm going to swerve to avoid you, or find a space in the other lane-O-idiots to jump in so I can regain my rightful place far in front of you.

  4. Drivers who THINK you want to go where they are going so they race you when you have no desire to race, and you're not even eyeballing their holy-assed spot in the road. Get a life 'glass packs', take the "Git-R-Dun" stickers out of your window so you can see the road around you. What do you see?? Not me, I'm long gone and don't give a damn how fast your monster truck can go.

  5. Jaywalkers. Maybe the law is not being enforced these days, but you guys are total advantage-taking-assholes. Find the busiest, most dangerous street anywhere in Memphis, and you will find an idiot (or three) casually strolling around in the middle of the lane, paying attention to nobody. There are lights that are designed to allow safe crossing on most streets, and even in neighborhoods, some respect should be due. It's so hard and frustrating to get anywhere in the City because you've got to constantly go out of your way NOT TO hit someone... they're probably just aiming for a lawsuit anyway. This just gets under my skin, wish they would enforce it more.

  6. Customer Service Guys and Gals (more Gals). They act like little pompous asshole bitches. Being shy is one thing. Hey, I was shy when I first got into Customer Service roles, but I still smiled, spoke to my customers and sent them away pleasantly and respectfully. Now, most of the ones I get, can barely speak to you, or even look you in the eye. If you dare have to ask for anything, they look at you like they want to make your head explode and then shove said goods at you like you're a leper. More examples of bad experiences are 'wrong orders', extensive hold times, general rudeness. I must tell you about the experience I had a couple weeks ago.

    It was Saturday, Richie and I had been doing well and low carbing it some for a week or two for a little 'jump start' (no nutrition lectures please, it was a temporary boost). So Saturday was the day we could have a 'cheat meal', so we decided we wanted IHOP for breakfast. Not wanting to go dine in, I decided to place a phone order, and I would then go and pick it up from the restaurant. This process took nearly two hours, and then finally failed. Why? Because the little whores answering the phones didn't want to do any work that day. I called, and finally someone answered the phone. When I told them I needed to make a 'to go' order, she said "Hold On." Then placed the phone on hold. Feeling rather patient, I waited... and waited. I looked at the clock, I had been on hold all of 15 minutes without any pick-up saying, "Ma'am I am sorry for the wait, would you mind continuing to hold?" That would have been o.k., If someone is cordial, I am usually fine. I don't generally "nitpick". So nobody ever picked the phone back up and after 20 minutes or so, I was beginning to feel irritated and hung up.

    When I tried to call right back and catch an open line, the phone was "busy", and remained so for about an hour. That brings me to my second attempt at ordering breakfast from this fine establishment. "IHOP" the girl simply said. Me: "Yes, I'd like to make a 'to go' order?" Girl: "Hoadd ownn uh Minitt" ('Ok' I think, patiently, trying to be positive that something had just happened earlier and they got swamped.)

    This time, the girl didn't put me on "hold", she simply threw the phone down somewhere next to her, and continued taking care of other customers around her register. I didn't think much of it at first, thinking she was going to check out a couple people and then get back to me. No dice. I continued to hold, moreso out of morbid curiosity this time. Several minutes went by, and I could hear the buzz of laughter among the employees, chatting with customers, giggling amongst themselves, Seating people in the background. Nobody ever came back over and even picked up the phone to check on it, to see if anyone was there. "Helloooo" I said loudly. "HELLLOOOOOOO!!!!!" I screamed into the phone. I listened in to their "buzzing" for a good 20 minutes and finally slammed the phone down. This time, when I picked the phone back up and tried to dial in, you guessed it. "Busy Signal". I wonder... wonder. These girls are just totally ignoring the phone customers so they won't have to deal with it. They're leaving people on hold, sitting the phone down so it won't ring, and they won't have to answer it.

    One of the worst examples in customer service I've experienced in a long time. Couldn't call back and ask for a manager, since you couldn't actually 'speak' with anyone there. Their main office, of course, was closed. So, I wrote the company on that one. Got an e-mail back, saying they were going to investigate that and that someone would contact me, and hoped they would be able to regain my trust. They can shove their pancakes up their ass, and top it off with a bottle of blueberry syrup for all I care. Hire some human beings. Then again, maybe that's the problem.

The human race is just getting more and more selfish, cold hearted and rotten. They don't care about anything, the world around them, the environment that they, and their children and grandchildren (will) live in, nor do they have any respect for the planet, and nature that has sustained their worthless lives thus far. They just want to jump in their gas guzzling tanks, with their cellphones glued to their ears, kicking up dust from point A to point B, making sure to piss others off, or endanger their fellow man in the process. They stuff their faces full of trans-fat/high fructose fabulousness, and they spew their unholy excrement on everyone else around them, unstoppable... unfeeling... apathetic.

How's that for a rant?

Mama told me not to come...


Jay said...

Yakov Smirnoff is the only Russian with a sense of humor. ;-)

I used to work with a guy who would wander around the building and when he found a couple of people in the same cubicle talking he would stand at the door and listen in. Everybody wanted to punch him.

Anonymous said...

I had a girl at McDonald's the other night talking on her cell while taking my order at the drive-thru {at the menu,I couldn't see her yet}...She kept laughing and whispering and not hearing what I was ordering at all....Pulled around to the window to pay, and lo and behold there she was with a damn cellphone up to her ear... She told her 'talk shit' friend 'she had to go', like I was a bother. I wish cell phones would be banned while driving AND working. What gets me too is all these lazy fuckers on welfare but yet they still get to have cell phones and nice cars while I do without and worry about money. It ain't right! Thats another rant for another day. ;] Tamra

Anonymous said...

AND they get free medical care...I can't afford it.I can't get anyhting for free due to I make "too much money".{WHAT? Who Me? Sure doesn't seem like it}. AND dental too. RAH! I'll start on people with disabled tags,that really do not need disabled tags, tomorrow....lmao! T.

Anonymous said...

uh...I meant ANYTHING! haha

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Yakov ruled! haha. Yes, people like that need to be strung up by their toes. Stay out of other's business, and if anyone wanted to chat they would be in YOUR cube, or have allowed you into theirs... punch indeed.

Tamranonymous! We've both been through this shit, even TOGETHER at times! WTF. Yeah and you should've called the company on that one too and let them know that people were on Cellphones in the drive-thru on company time... It's bullshit. We'd have been fired if it was us.

Yeah if you make 5,000 a year then all of a sudden you make "too much money". Where is the line?? I guess it's always just 5 dollars 'that way'... right?

It's disgusting... BAH HUMBUG!

BBC said...

Russians do have a sense of humor. I look at a pretty good Russian news site sometimes.

Mankind drives me nuts also, especially the empire building chicks around here, they drive me extra nuts and I don't give a damn about their empires.

I spent the day at the beach yesterday, it was peaceful there, will post some pictures tomorrow.

Well, back to these chocolate covered donuts.

BBC said...

I'm with Anonymous, we sure support a lot of idiots, and we give them better health care than we get.

We socialized health care here, just sit on your ass, get on welfare and our government supports them well and keeps them alive at taxpayers expense . It's crazy.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Had my hard drive replaced 3 weeks ago. I can't get on the net through AOHell at all. I have to reboot my router each time and go through Explorer or Firefox.

11 calls to a AOHell call centre somewhere in India.

Shite is not enough.

JINKS said...

Jackie, I can understand being put on hold while ordering a dildo, even a flying russian dildo....but wasting precious Saturday time with clowns at
I-ndefinite H-old O-rdering
P-ancakes. It's enough to make a woman jay-walk.