Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pure Regret (WWC)

Here I am everyone! Better late than never for this week's "Weekly Words Challenge" brought to us by the extremely Pure and Unregrettful TINK of Pickled Beef Yay!! This week's words of course, are "Pure" and "Regret". I nearly copped out this week too. I'm still sort of hanging on by a thread here, but I want to keep on moving along, so I am trying hard! I don't have a huge amount of pictures this week, and I don't think they're very special, but I still hope you enjoy... Take it away Picassa!!

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The words for next week are:
Penultimate (Next to last)

The words for the next five weeks will be chosen from the member suggestions on the WWC
Flickr group. If you haven't joined the fun yet, go here for details. Happy snapping!


Tink said...

Did you say he got a tattoo while drunk, or that the guy GIVING the tatto was drunk? Either way, it's bad news. I really loved the pictures this week. Was that little one wearing a fake mustache? Was that a dead pig? What in the world could be impure about a mermaid?

Jay said...

I think everybody has a tat but me. How did that happen??

I love the pure gold field. That was pretty. And those whiney-ass people are always having impure thoughts. That's why they are so angry all the time.

Chatty said...

Wonderful pictures and clever captions - beautiful presentation! I wish I could do slide shows - but even if I had your technical savvy, my blogspot won't allow it unless I pay them money every month ; (
And the whole Starbucks brouhaha - ridiculous. Some people need to get a hobby - protests like that just show what dirty minds they have!

Reb said...

Great slideshow. I would never get a tattoo simply because I can't even keep my hair colour the same for more than six months at a time.

Anonymous said...

I love the field of gold! And while Starbucks is not my personal fave (why pay so darn much for coffee??), I cannot understand the brew-haha about the revised logo. As a Christian, I am embarrassed that those groups are protesting. There are so many important issues out there --child abuse, famine, natural disasters, and yes, even porn-- that fussing about a mermaid logo is just plain stupid. It's ART for crying out loud! Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor blogged about this on Sunday. An excellent read at http://derfwadmanor.blogspot.com/2008/05/just-drink-your-coffee-people.html

g-man said...

Ye ha. drunk tattooing!

Excellent pictures as usual toots. :)