Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Tri-State Diet

We all have them, don't we? "Those Days"... You can't find your keys, you get locked out of the house, different little things that seem to stack up on you as if it were a bad moon rising. It can be extremely frustrating, but if you look at the big picture, you eventually see that everything actually does happen for a reason, whether or not it seems like it at the time.

Yesterday was one of those days that I just couldn't catch a break. It started out o.k., but progressed in a somewhat humorous fashion I guess.

I slept late, and had to rush like mad to get ready and get to work anyways, so I had time to slap together a bowl of cereal, throw myself together and head out the door. By lunchtime, I was harboring evil thoughts of "Sonic" (You may or may not know what Sonic is depending on where you live, but it is a drive-in fast-food place, like the 50s/60s I guess, for a long time, it was endorsed by Frankie Avalon, and there is NOTHING healthy there at all... nothing). So anyway, I had this big idea that I wanted to drive across the bridge to the West Memphis Sonic, which really doesn't take that long, but I thought it would be relaxing. I would be able to take in some different scenery, and then be back like normal... refreshed and full of trans fat.

Normal drive, everything was cool, I arrived at the Sonic and prepared to pay by Debit card to avoid even more human contact. "Where's my debit card?? Oh damn it I'm always sticking it in the wrong pocket on my purse, or burying it down in the infinite oblivion that is my bag." I think as I dig through the Books-A-Million bag that I am currently carrying, that's getting heavier by the day. So I tear the thing apart and I can't find it anywhere. I'm getting cranky by this time, and trying to retrace my tracks... the last time I had used my debit card was the day before at Wendy's. (I was being good and having grilled chicken I swear). I thought back, and I just knew that I remembered them handing me back my card. So I ruled that out. I didn't have any cash on me, and I decided that I was forced to go all the way home, search for my card just so I could rest easy and know where it was, so I drove from West Memphis to my home, which is Mississippi.

I pull into the driveway, Richie is there playing some annoying song on his guitar over and over, we have a fight about the dishes. I go in the back, search high and low and cannot locate the card anywhere. I'm starting to freak out wondering if anything had happened to it so I check the account, it seems normal. I looked all in my car, maybe thinking it fell underneath the seat (which was going to make me mad since I could've found that and still had the fat-assed Sonic food lol!), nowhere! So on a lark, I called the Wendy's in question, and asked if anyone had left a card there the previous day. The lady said, "Sure do!!" and I gave her my name, to verify and she said "Yep, just ran off and left it!!!"

I was like, "OH thank you so much!!!". So then I fixed myself something friggin healthy at the house, and then dropped back by the Wendy's to pick up my card on the way back to the office. A bit of a long lunch, and an unfruitful effort to score myself some trans fat! Wow the fates are really keeping me in line! Covered three states at lunch, and ended up eating healthy at home after all.


Jay said...

Back when I was in college I got some cash one night and left my card in the ATM machine. Two days later I still didn't know that I had left my card in that machine. I had to go to the bank and when I walked in one of the girls working there who I knew from high school and who also just happened to be HOT, says "Oh, I know what YOU want!"

I stopped and just stared at her for a second and she was like "umm .. you left your card in the ATM and we have it back here." LOL

Guess you had to be there.

Anyway, now I want some Wendy's. I love their burgers and fries. mmmmmmm


I just ate a MacChicken Sandwich.

I hope to christ it was really chicken.... ;-)

Karen said...

I live in NJ (which happens to be in what we call the tri-state area of NY, NJ, and CT - just to reflect your title) and we get Sonic commercials on our TV CONSTANTLY. But the closest Sonic is in Delaware (I think) over 400 miles away. I pretty much curse Sonic on a daily basis. I have never had it and I want it so badly. I am going to make a road trip one of these days.

FYI - I love your new "about me" pic.

Anonymous said...

Their grilled chicken wrap is pretty good and not that bad for you either. I eat those all the time. YUM!

Cynnie said...

I LOVE sonic..omg

Jay Cam said...

i love sonic's!

actually, i enjoy chick fillet more.