Monday, January 14, 2008

Peaceful Easy Feeling

... I have not. (That's my best Yoda voice by the way). Feelings of things brewing, not necessarily bad, just a state of energetic unrest like things are happening. I don't know what yet, but we'll see as the week progresses. Other than that, I stayed up too late last night and couldn't get up early this morning like I had planned. Nobody's fault, just me. :)

Now I went out to lunch in my car and I went down and parked by the River, I turned the music down kind of low and I relaxed and had my lunch, and the sun was beaming through the window, so I relaxed back in my seat a moment and closed my eyes and just tried to let the tension go. It was nice. I opened my eyes and there was a Mockingbird sitting on top of the little trash can next to where I parked and he sat there for the longest time staring at me... I wondered about him.

Then I watched the lazy river roll by, and there were objects floating in it, like big limbs, bushes and debris (occasionally). I thought about how it would feel to get some sort of boat or raft and just allow yourself to float down the river at the river's own natural pace, not worrying about time or space or where you would end up, just rolling with it until you landed somewhere. Just me daydreaming... that's what I do.

Between that and the Essential oils that Kim gave me for my tension headaches, I am back on top and feeling much better this afternoon.

The weekend was slow and somewhat uneventful, Richie and I went out to dinner downtown Saturday night and I had picked up Ministry's new CD "The Last Sucker". Oh my god it is one fantastic album! I have always liked Ministry, but I mean they have been going for a long time now and this album truly Rocks!!! I have had it on rotate in my CD player since I bought it Saturday. Just... wow! It's that good.

Anyway, I'm making it through the day in chunks here and have had to stop several times while trying to reach out and touch you, my lovely readers, so I guess I will wrap it up. Tomorrow is the WWC again, and if I think of anything else to share between now and then I will certainly do so!

Happy Manic Monday Y'all! ;)


R.E.H. said...

Whenever I buy a new CD it usually sits in the CD-player for at least a week, playing over and over again. That's the way to properly learn every song on the album!

Jay said...

I would be seriously unproductive if I worked somewhere that had a view of the river. Or anything really. Just looking out the window watching the world go by is one of my favorite pastimes. I'm a bit of a daydreamer myself.

Nothingman said...

new music is good...why did u think there were limbs floating in river?
and waking up early in mornings should be illegal ;)


Cynnie said...

i get that feeling all the time something is gonna happen any minute..

not even an impending doom thing..
just an expectation