Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The King Is Dead

(For all the Elvis fans, sorry it's not about him, but Happy Birthday Big E nonetheless!!)

Blame Richie, he reminded me of this heinous genre of music, and showed me a video that was way, way creepier than the Burger King Dude ever thought about being... Seriously. This video makes Burger King Dude look like Santa Claus! lol!! Yuck. I'm totally disgusted now. It's really weird, the MUSIC SUCKS, but if you can make it through the long beginning and the weirdness, you owe it to yourself to witness this. They're called the "Aphex Twins" with a song called "Window Licker". Hang on tight... press play.

Come back later today for Tink's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) Happy Tuesday!!


g-man said...

That was disturbing.

Jay said...

I only lasted 40 seconds on that video.


I like disturbing!!!!

Nothingman said...

aphex twins rock!!:D

have you heard the milk song?
"i just want to have some milk from milkman's wife's tits"

it rocks:)


Will not watch the vid on office, later for sure ;)