Thursday, January 24, 2008

Too Many Ironies In The Fire

I am a sheep in the ever-growing cyber-meadow of life... I have a google homepage. I decorated it with all kinds of "cool web parts"... I get the Quotes of the day, because frankly I love quotations. I always have. I get a giggle out of some, and inspiration from others. I even write one myself here or there. When scanning my google homepage this morning, the following quote stood out to me (for some odd reason).

"Write a wise saying and your name will live forever." -Anonymous

Way to prove a point huh? Isn't it true though, I mean wise sayings, philosophical word vomit, it's always a hit... Some people we know already, the actors and famous folk who've spewed 'words of the wise', and sometimes it's because of the wise word vomit that said individual might get noticed, right?? I think this "Anonymous" has the game all figured out though, he or she is also quite cocky enough thinking that the "one word name" is going to take off... please!

In other news, I am still addicted to Vick's Vap-O-Rub. Menthol is so cool, seriously... I mean besides the cooling menthol sensation. It smells great, feels good anywhere you put it on your skin (well I mean with an exception or two-lol not that I've tried anything odd, just sayin!).

I've made another "My Awesome Mix" CD... I call it "My Awesome Mix" because of that scene in Boogie Nights, you know, the 'drug deal gone bad', where Alfred Molina's character was running around in his gold lamay robe and underwear, dancing to songs like "Jesse's Girl" and "Sister Christian". I always laugh my ass off at that scene... and if you notice at one point, it flashes to where his tape flips over (you know because he is rich and has the utmost in high-tech gadgetry at the time, so his tape automatically flips over. Mine would've been the manual kind), anyways when the tape flips over you see the label reads "My Awesome Mix Tape #6". That just kills me!!! It's so cheesy, but that is one of the best movies ever. I swear if you STILL have not watched Boogie Nights, do it... yeah, right now. If you don't have time, then at least watch the scene I'm talking about below... enjoy the madness of the loud popping, and hilarity of the scene in general.

Anyway, I'm off to observe more Memphis madness, apathy, bad drivers, general malaise and sickness that infects our city daily... it should be a good time. You guys stay safe out there... and as always if you can't be good, at least be good at it. ;)


Jay said...

Did you know that Vick's works on hemorrhoids too? Seriously! I read it on the internet, it must be true! LOL ;-)

ZigZagMan said...

I dunno lass...addicted to vicks is 1 step away from finding the scent of ben gay sexy......:)

Further on up the road said...

Is there a vap-o-rub anonymous around? :-)

I think it's just the massaging it in that is what you like - try other stuff.

And Jay - I'm not ever gonna try that!

g-man said...

"Irony, it is so ironic." - my son.

So what does one have to do to get a copy of said mix. I bought "The Last Sucker" 'cause you mentioned it, and I had a 30 dollar iTunes card :) I am groovin' on the sound the vocals are a bit "scream-y" for me but I am liking it overall. :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Um, Jay... I DID not know that. :-\

Zig: Maybe you're right... The scent of Ben Gay isn't really sexy but it does make me homesick. hahah!!! Hey, I have a sister who loves the smell of Gasoline. We're a funky bunch!

Further: I haven't found one yet, but I'm thinking of starting one... second thought, I am addicted and don't give a damn! ROFL!!

Gman: Your son is a genius in the making.
-This mix is probably not one you would like. I'm very eclectic and this mix was an R&B mix, but I have all kinds. I could make you a "My Awesome Mix"--sure. Just let me know! Hope you're not disappointed with the "Last Sucker". It's very political, and I have always liked ministry.

"Come to The Dark Side, We have cookies!!" lol