Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ride It On

Lately, aside from my philosophical stent with Picasso the other day, I have felt rather wordless. Wordless is kind of unusual for me... normally, I have a great deal that I can usually carry on about (interesting or not).

So I'm trying to work myself out of that. I tend to get worked up sometimes, and I crawl up into my shell and try to retreat from the world, and can become anti-social when that happens... wanting to keep to myself, and hide.

This week, so far hasn't been that ecstatic for me. We had the holiday Monday, as I mentioned yesterday, and that was o.k. because I got to visit my Mom, Dad and Sisters. Yesterday was one of those hum-drum days though. I think it was a full moon, and it was so uneventful and boring to me. Nothing seemed to go right, and also I didn't eat right and ended the day feeling like shit... I managed to walk a mile before band practice, which got me feeling a little better, then practice went not-too-bad, so I felt better after that too, then we had to hit the grocery store on the way home, and Richie and I had another argument about financial crap, which left me feeling rock bottom again.

This morning, I'm making it a little better. I'm not feeling AS woeful, but I'm not pumped up, not in the least. I have vowed to whip myself into shape about the dietary slips, and stop being tempted by all things shitty. Richie and I did really well the very first go-around we had with our diet and fitness, and there is nothing stopping me but myself... I can't let these mood swings and days that I don't think are going my way to shoot me down. It's like a drug or something, if you engage in some behavior that temporarily makes you feel better (such as the shitty food), you will invariably crash at the end of the day and feel worse than ever. I think that combined with just some inner conflicts I have been having worked me into a negative frenzy.

I'm trying to get back to the positive... I am trying to learn to rely only on my own positive thoughts and emotions to stay afloat, and not let others affect me. We all know that is a hard thing to do though.

Have some errands to run at lunch, and I think I'll do that, and maybe write a little or something instead of having anything bad. Last week and this week just seem to be trying to take swings at me, but I will prevail! :)

Have a great hump day, all of my beloved blog family... never doubt how hard you all ROCK!!!


Jay said...

I keep trying to be a positive type of person but it never seems to last. I'll go for a while, but then have a bad couple of days or something and that's it, back to being the bitter, angry guy I am. LOL ;-)

g-man said...

Rock on sista!

Further on up the road said...

yep yesterday definitely felt like a Wednesday.

Today is not a Wednesday..
"Must be Thursday - I never could get the hang of Thursdays" - to quote Arthur Dent in Hitchikers guide to the universe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this cat will cheer you

BBC said...

"“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” -Hunter S. Thompson."

First time I've seen that quote by Hunter, but I think he was right.

I know that I've gone bat shit crazy, that journey started when I started really paying attention to the world.

I should go live in a cave somewhere that the news can't get to me. But I'll stay here, the wonderful old lady next door wouldn't have anyone to look after her if I left.

You have an interesting blog. Don't go read mine, I'm bat shit crazy.

BBC said...

Hey !! You can't decide I'm not bat shit crazy that fast, I don't allow that crap.

Read my blog for a while and I'll drive you frigging crazy. :-)

It might be an enjoyable trip though. On the other hand, what in the hell do I know.

BBC said...

"I love quotations"

Yeah, me also, I've collected thousands of them.

And that leads me to the belief that I've never had an original thought in my life.

Not even my thoughts about our spirituality are original, they are just buried under a lot of monkey shit is all.

Whatever, run amok, what the fuck.

Or something like that.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, That's quite o.k... Same thing tends to happen to me, but I try! :)

Gman, Thanks... You Rock!

Further, I hate days like that. They are more common than I'd like.

Anonymous, I'm gonna get u for that, no seriously Beau Dean!! How funny!

BBC: You're allowed to be Bat Shit Crazy, as long as I can stand under your umbrella. lol
and What is originality if not just very well thought-out, successfully executed plagiarism??