Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Have A Sporkin Day! (WWC)

I can't believe it, but I've won an award over at Picked Beef (Thanks Tink!) I was a little late finding out because I got busy yesterday and/or kept getting interrupted. Very cool... it's the "Golden Spork Award", and she gave it to me for "Inspiring Blogger". This is a great honor Tink, and it means alot!!!

Anyways, today is the WWC again... yep Tuesday already! This week's words are "Soft" and "Square". Ok, so in an attempt to be sly, and put both words into one, I baked a big batch of gooey soft chocolate brownies, and I was going to take a photo of them for this but unfortunately I ate the entire thing on the way to pick up my camera. I'm JOKINGG!!! GEEZ!! I'm not that much of a chocoholic (or AM I!)

No anyways, here are my pics this week, and as always I enjoy playing WWC with you guys... Enjoy!

Soft & Square (some are both!).

This cake looks very soft as my nephew sticks his baby-soft face into it for the first time!

My Mom is an excellent quilter... this particular quilt was soft and had squares!

My Drummer's ponytail is probably soft... I don't know for sure, but hair is usually soft. He's a little on the square side though! ;)

This was an interesting view I caught while walking downtown, I spotted the reflection of another building in the reflective windows here and it make quite the interesting pattern. Lots of squares in the composition.

For inspiration, I have this square little pic of "Jimi" on my wall next to my Triton, reminding me in a creative kink, "WWJD? (What Would Jimi Do?) lol

Shiny squares on a round column at a downtown restaurant.

An old tattered wall made an interesting rather worn, square pattern.

The horses fur, and noses are soft to the touch, but this is just another one I decided to throw in here... Hope you liked this week's WWC photos by ME for my Blog Peeps!!!


Jay said...

That baby is gonna make a mess of that cake. Actually, I'd still like to eat cake that way! LOL

Excellent photos as usually Jaxxx!

Tink said...

I really love the squiggly building reflection! :D

R.E.H. said...

I LOVE the reflecting window shot - stunning!

The red wall picture was really cool too, so many red little squares falling off, eh ;)

Excellent contribution, AJ.

Kim said...

Congrats on your award! Luv the pics.

Jay Cam said...

it looks like someone is sticking the cake into him!

... the award is dated 2007. how late did you figure out you won it?

Jo said...

Oh your nephew is precious! Babies & cake make everything better :)

I really love the photo of the red-tiled wall...it's a great perspective.

Joel said...

Ha! The baby is all excited!

captain corky said...

congrats on the award! Great pics.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Great photos!!!! The window reflection ROCKS!

Congrats on the award!

Freakazojd said...

Wow, great weather you're having, haha! I LOVE your pictures. I really like the reflective building shot, and the one of the baby (of course!) was SO cute.

I also laughed my head off at the "Or AM I" (chocolate...mmmmm).

g-man said...


Loved them all. Not sure how I missed this when you posted it? Guess I am slow on the uptake.