Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm My Own Dangerous Spoon

I'm silly sometimes. I don't care, I enjoy being silly and immature. I have OCD and ADD. [In fact, just for a goof I took This Quiz and it scored me 69: Moderate ADHD lol!] I guess this first paragraph proves a point... because it was all just scattered gibberish that had nothing to do with my point (Wait, did I even have a point?? What was it?). Haha! Oh, yes... What I was going to say was that I really get bored with my Blog titles sometimes, and I ran out of creative things to name the posts, so just for a goof today I went to Random Titles to Stimulate The Imagination in desperation, and came up with today's title!! Actually, now that I re-read the thing, it is more true than I thought... I am my own dangerous spoon!!! WTF!

Speaking of WTF, I recently got invited to participate in WTF Friday, a blog run by some of our best! Let's see, the contributers are:
I'd say that is one excellent group of people!!! :) So for my first entry, I submitted the article from the other day, remember, the one about the idiots who got sick from buying a tattoo from the "Door-to-Door Tattoo Artist", and then the following article my husband sent me the other day that I found quite interesting:

Someone has a really serious "Sweet Tooth" problem!
Honey Bun slaying adds 25 years to sentence

WTF is WRONG with people??? Don't answer that, we already know... it is a tragic case.

All in all, every day is a challenge, right? We are expected to know who we are, what we really want, how to get it, and also exactly what's on everyone else's minds, right?? Like aren't we supposed to be mind readers? Yeah... um, right. I wish I could. In fact, if I had the ability to read minds, I would also want to have it with the bonus of "mind control". Then I could live in my perfect world... and execute my evil plan!

Meanwhile, I will settle for having a semi-pain free day at work, the occasional flipping off of the asshole driver in front, behind or beside me, and my MUSIC!!! However, even music sometimes is a hard road... as AC/DC taught us, "It's a Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock & Roll!" Rock on Bon!! Rock on...


BBC said...

That's a cute plate. :-)

I posted about mine also.

My new plate

Jay said...

"it scored me 69"

Hehe ... you said "69" ..hehe

Happy Friday ;-)


69 is a very good number in't it Jay?

Me n Aj n 69...

behave Dinners.....

R.E.H. said...

Congrats on being elected into the WTF Friday!

WTF? That's my plate! LOL!

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC: Cool, interesting. Haha. I love license plates.

Jay: Leave it to you to recognize that. I didn't even realize what I said LOL!!


FourDinners!! You've been very bad... I'll deal with you later. Hehe!! :D

Aunt Jackie said...

REH: What?!?! Hahah Look behind you, there I am. Nice shirt!!! j/k

MotörheadBlögger said...

Nice YouTube link, always good to see Bon playing the pipes

cappy. said...

did you see the dvd box set i bought before xmas?
it sure kept my feet tapping. must get it back from our security guard!