Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Birthday Spankings

Today is my best friend's birthday! This is not my sister by blood, but she is my blood sister. I want to send her the sincerest Birthday wishes. Divorce the number baby! You will always have it goin on no matter what!! Everyone send her some birthday shout outs, and I'll just dedicate this post to my "best mate" Tamra.

A short history of our friendship is in order I think, today.

Roll with me here. :)

I knew who she was in High School, although we weren't friends or really acquainted back then. I do remember that we were interested in the same guy once, as told to me by another mutual acquaintance. The funny part about that is that we both got him as a conquest (not at the same time you perverts, different points in our lives), and neither one of us were impressed... lol! All's well that ends well, really.

So after High School, I got a job at our local Wal*Mart, and worked with a girl named Sherry. Sherry was Marge Simpson in the flesh (so named by her Dad jokingly if I remember correctly), because of her WAY TALL hair. Now in this time period, BIG HAIR was still in style, but this girl took it to the limit. And caked on make-up, to the hilt. Her hair would be a foot tall and she would look in the mirror complaining it was flat... We've enjoyed a few giggles thinking back about Sherry.

At any rate, Sherry was Tamra's best friend back in the day, they grew up together, etc. Sherry was my work acquaintance and then sort of friend. For some reason, she would never get the two of us together with her at the same time. We've often wondered back about this, but who knows. Eventually, we started hanging out about the time she was leaving town. She moved away, we hung out and have been fast friends ever since. We've been through some great times, been there for bad times, and we really can't blackmail each other, because we both have too much on the other one!!! ;)

So anyways, Happy Birthday Tamra, I know you are glad that you're not really getting birthday spankings!!! Have a wonderful day. I'll always be here for you, and I appreciate you being there for me & all we've been through... I Love you! x


Jay said...

Happy Birthday to your very hot ... er ... good friend. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the b-day post! Love you too! Hope your dad is doing ok. Keep me posted....

Thanks Jay! :}



bloody hell there's two of you...

is this a change of life sweat I've got????

Joshua said...

Hey it was my birthday too!~!!!!

That's so cool :P

I'm going to have more next month.

Further on up the road said...

Happy birthday Tamra.

(AJ - any chance you can introduce me... :-))