Thursday, January 10, 2008

Everyday Miracles

My week has been going along somewhat 'hum drum'. I have felt overstimulated and under-stimulated at the same time... Working through, waiting for some excitement... yet excitement just seems to be evading me. It waxes and wanes, and you can't be riding the waves of ecstasy every single moment (I guess). :)

Yesterday I had been having a discussion with my friend, Kim about a few things. She's a Reiki master, and very into energy, healing and all that. We were discussing how she always had an uncanny way of meeting somewhat high profile people. Used to work in the hotel business and met alot of famous names there, and then sometimes just happened. So she tells me because we recently "reconnected", not to be surprised if I ended up getting strange occurrences like that myself... like her luck would rub off on me.

So today, going along frustratingly as usual during the course of my day, read my horoscope this morning, thought nothing of it (at the time). About 4:00 p.m., I decided I needed Caffeine and Chocolate. I head over to the convenience store a couple doors down from our building. The visit to the store went fine. Once I left, I was on my way back and an older (alcohol-scented) black man stopped me and said "Hey, hey can I just say one thing?? I'm not racist... I just wanted to tell you that you are so beautiful. You're an angel!"

"Oh, well... um... Thank you." I replied, and I intended to keep stepping. He stopped me. He formed a clench-hold on me, and held my hand, and I was trying to be nice.

Once again, he repeated "I'm not racist, and...." I intervened, "Neither am I..."

He continued, "... and you know what I like about you??"

"No?" I said. "EVERYTHANG!!!" he replied gleefully. "What's your name?"

I said, "Jackie". He goes on to say, "You tell your Mama that I'm mad at her!!"

"Why?" I asked.

"Cuz she should've named you Sugar... you are just soooooo sweet!! And the way you walk... and..."

Me: "Well I really appreciate the compliment. But you better let me get back to work now, I'm going to be late from my break."

Meanwhile, our janitor passes by and says "Jackie, are you o.k.??" and I looked at him woefully, and said "Ummm, yeah I'm fine!" lol

Him: "And they know I'm just talkin to somebody!! Now wait, lemme say one more thing... (mumble mumble) and I'm from (mumblemumble) Michigan and I'm Smokey Robinson's cousin... and we used to... blah blah blah"

Me: "Oh well, that's so nice... I really appreciate the compliment but I REALLY have to get back to work."

And with that, I pulled away my arm away and walked on to my building. Told my team lead what happened and he was like "OMG!! No way." And I was thinking, "I just can't go anywhere... I'm so radiant and stunning... an Angel nonetheless. I don't know if the guy was a bum, he really meant no harm... and he didn't even ask me for money. He simply stopped me and wanted to tell me that I brightened his day with just a smile.

Just then, I re-read my horoscope for the day:

You may be intellectually stretched by a passionate person who lures you out of your comfort zone today. You'll need to eliminate old patterns to be able to express yourself differently in a relationship. It might feel scary to let go of a comfortable habit, even if it has turned into a rut. Take a risk and ask for what you want.

Hmmmm strange... very strange.

Then I reflected on the fact that he said he was Smokey Robinson's cousin and thought. 'Wait!! Kim DID say that I'd be having more uncanny brushes with greatness... and wow, Smokey Robinson! Damn I didn't even get his autograph!!!"

Come on Kim!! Where's my George Clooney??

Tune in tomorrow for Part II of my "Frankie from the Wheel of Fortune" saga... from last week?? Remember?? If you didn't read it's still news!! Just go back and read "I'm No Angel"... and then I'll see you tomorrow.

Come on you guys, I miss my regular bloggers!! Where are you? Come back and let me know you're still alive!!! You know who you are.


Jay said...

You should have told him to do a bit of "Tears of a Clown" or "I Second That Emotion" to prove he was related to Smoky.

I'm no racist either, but you're pretty cool. LOL ;-)

katy said...

you were brave really as i would have been so scared, i dont like strangers touching me, but in the end he was so sweet.

Nothingman said...

thats spooky...good the guy wasn't some weirdo. weirdos on streets are..weird. ha ha ha

hey two of my best pals are scorpios!
i don't read horos anymore :P they r all the same.


g-man said...

I don't mind patronizing a street person for a bit if it will make them feel better, the grabbing arm thing would have ended it right there for this kid. I hope you made his day.