Sunday, January 06, 2008

Drooling On A Sunday Afternoon

I went ahead and deleted the Yuwie post... everyone was pretty down on it, not much support going on there, so I didn't see a reason to leave the post up. However, if you ever feel like helping out, the referral link still is on the right side of my blog down there. Oh well, nothing usually works for me anyways, I just didn't think it hurt to try.

Friday night we went out to "Raffe's Beer Garden" and had some Mediterranean food with Rob, Meg and my coworker Vikram. It was nice as usual there, the food is good and they have alot of beers on the list (which is what Richie likes about it). Other than that, Yesterday and Today have been grey, dreary and very boring! I took a nap yesterday, and all I have done today is have sex with my husband, eat sushi, and watch stupid Hillary Duff movies on T.V. (Yeah I know! Somebody call an Exorcist please). I'm bored out of my mind!

However, I don't have much else to report so if you want, you could catch up on stuff you haven't read maybe. Two stories between last week and this week ("Kissing Frogs" and "I'm No Angel" scroll down and read if you haven't and have time).

Everyone seemed to enjoy me writing Stories for Fridays, so if you think that's a good idea and would like me to try and bring a story every Friday let me know. I'm sure I have a few more in the ole chamber. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday... AJ x


Jay said...

That Yuwie kinda looked like an internet pyramid scheme. LOL

Hillary Duff movies? Man, you were bored! Even I don't get THAT bored. Usually.

Although I admit that I got stuck watching a Lizzie McGuire marathon one day on Disney Channel. I was drinking and, well, I just never picked up the remote to change the channel. How pathetic is that? haha

g-man said...

Should have traded the Hillary Duff movies in for more rounds of sex :) My wife had a sinus thing going on so she was in bed a good part of the weekend, alas no nookie for this kid.



Hey!!!! I wasn't down on it!!!

I'd never be down on you babe!!!

Go down maybe....

I will now refrain from smutty jokes regarding going down...

oops ;-)

I'd 've backed yer babe but nowt's for free in this shitty world and owt't claims t'be is suspicious.

Be nice to g-man. No nookie is baaaaaaaad!

Love yer baby x

Oi! Richie! White beer fermented in the bottle man!!! Gimme gimme

(AJ Bedtime II in a couple of weeks)

awa said...

I so need to go out. It has been a while since I have been out with friends.

Must. Get. Out. Soon.

Hope your week is fabulous!

Joshua said...

Hey lady!

Yeah I'm bored too. I guess I'll go get me something to eat.