Thursday, August 20, 2009

Luck Be A Lady

Well, I went for it. I finally bought a Powerball ticket yesterday. Suffice it to say, as I am still here, that I apparently did not win the jackpot. I just knew that I was going to be a millionaire come today... but as usual, nothing. Surprise for me... again, nada.

Luck, except where it counts, has never been a big friend of mine. The reason that I say "except where it counts" is because I try hard to think positively about these things, and try to count my blessings and all that. I have honestly gone through a ton of weird ordeals in my life, and have been in situations that could've ended rather badly, but 'where it counts', I have been watched over, protected and taken care of.

But I never, ever get any unexpected windfalls, or win anything, or just stumble into greatness. I know people who do though, my husband for one has superior luck in just about anything he does.

A friend of mine who must remain nameless that stumbled on some curiously good luck lately, just in time when she needed a positive outcome. That's a good thing. If she reads this, she needs to know that I began this post before I heard of her good fortune also... this post was not "sparked" by her news.

I am happy for people when they have this type of good luck, I swear I am. But, why do prosperity and good fortune seem to elude me? I try to have a good attitude, even though I know it is a daily struggle for me. I think that my heart is (mainly) in the right place, and when I help someone, or do a good deed, I do it without thought to hoping that I will get rewarded.

If we manifest our good fortune, and attract great things because of our thought process, I can understand my troubles I guess. Maybe I don't make enough effort to be truly positive and have things go my way. If going through pains and negativity is part of a lesson, I understand that too, but I promise you God and the Universe, I comprehend and I would pass the pop quiz on it all right now!

When is it my turn to experience joyous gifts of luck and positive changes? What am I missing? What do I have to do?

Maybe I was a terrible person in a past life, or maybe I'm just still being punished for the time my Sister Vickie and I went to Fitzgerald's Casino and I stole coins off the Blarney Stone... I have paid my dues!

I'm just ready for a few things to go my way and for Lady Luck to smile upon me for once. I promise not to waste the good fortune, there are so many things I want to do for those closest to me and in this life but have neither the time, the funds or the resources to get there... to make a real difference.

Luck evidently is a Man since they've always done me wrong. ;)


Jay said...

The only time I've ever had any luck was the first time I went to Vegas. I won $125 on the slots three different times. Since then? Nothing! I didn't eve bother with lottery tickets this time cause I never even get a single number. Hell, I'm not greedy, I'll take some of the smaller pay outs even! Oh well. ;-)

BBC said...

I've have many lucky breaks through the course of my life. But recently started buying a lotto ticket three times a week as that is how often the drawing is in this state.

I win a little, I lose a little but it's only a buck or so. While I was camping last week and not buying tickets some motherfucker won the jackpot of almost seven million dollars.

There goes my remote piece of property for now. I'll start buying them again when the jackpot goes over two million again, it doesn't take long to get back up there again.

Meanwhile I may go to the casino and play the slots some, I usually enjoy an evening or two of screwing around and enjoying playing them and talking to others and come out a few bucks ahead after a meal at the buffet.

And they let me camp for free in the back of the lot. Even if I lose a few bucks it's worth it for the free camping next to the bay.

kcinnova said...

I'm not lucky at winning things, but I totally understand "where it counts." I've been blessed with a good man, a strong marriage (of course, we work at it), and 4 healthy sons.
No fancy cars, homes, or vacations, and the college bills are looming, but I do have some fantastic in-laws.

Frances said...

I buy a retirement pack of lottery tickets:4 games in powerball, 4 games each in sat,mon and wed lottos and 4 in ozlotto-
total cost:$12.90
It comes out of my entertainment budget.Its fun and if I'm lucky I can cover my costs.

Scarlet said...

The last thing I won was a couples dance contest in St Maarten (Virgin Islands) in the early 90s and I came away with a cheap bottle of booze. It wasn't bad, but that was many moons ago.

I'm due for more luck...and $$$ would be a nicer reward!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Luck is a streaky, mystifying thing for sure.

Once years back, I had a month when everything I touched was a jackpot. No matter what, pull tabs ... gambling, you name it, I won. Since then?

NOTHING !!!! ha ha haaaaa :-)