Sunday, August 16, 2009

Feel Good Drag

Friday, August 14, 2009 @ 4:30 p.m.
It's Friday and I can't be glad enough. Earlier I had ideas that I wanted to blog about so maybe I should have waited until later in the evening to sit down to this so I could concentrate and really think more about the points I want to get across.

I'm sure I have a cool post in here somewhere.


Sunday, August 16, 2009 @ 8:00 p.m.
Wow, ok I have certainly blog-slacked again, as I started this post Friday and the weekend hit and I just did not stop really until now. I never had enough time since Friday's beginnings to stop and finish it up, so I will just do that dramatic time lapse thingy and you will enjoy it hehe.

Ok, so what happened between "Somewhere", the [Pause] and now? Let's see, where do I start? It's not that interesting at all really. Friday when I got off work, I guess first we went to grab something to eat, and Mr. J drank about half a bottle of Gentleman Jack, and we stayed up way too late. I was supposed to take my bike to the shop Saturday morning first thing to have them replaced a stripped out bolt on the highway bar piece above my foot brake on the right.

I woke up too late because we didn't get enough rest at all, and was later than I wanted getting the bike to the shop. They said it wasn't going to take them long, so we grabbed some breakfast grub, and picked it back up. By this time we didn't have much time until band practice, so we went home and prepared for that. Saturday night I had planned to go to Mom's and spend the night, Richie was still sleepy so he napped while I drove down and he met me there later.

Geez this is boring stuff. I must make a long story short... because I'm just not 'feelin' it.

We spent the night at Mom's, I broke a blade on her ceiling fan trying to adjust it, then immediately blew her carport light out going to the freezer to get icy-pops (I was on a roll), we watched a movie, I fell asleep, we got up today and went to TG's to meet up with our rider's group and hang out for a little while, and headed back home.

Richie and I split ways when we got to Stateline, and I visited my friend Kim (whom I had planned to have coffee with). It was so hot, however, I elected to forgo the coffee and just sit and chat a spell... once done, I grabbed some "Subway" for supper on the way home and here I am.

Now I am anxiously awaiting True Blood, tonight's episode is going to be good... It is already on, but I record it on Tivo and wait so that I can watch it near bed time. I cannot wait!!! Why am I so addicted to this show?? Then tomorrow my B.F.F. Tamra and I will text each other and have our post-True Blood Monday discussions, which are always much fun... it's like we're 15 hah.

On that note, I am not sure why but the weekend passed off with flying colors, maybe because I haven't really stopped long enough to chill... Maybe I will sleep well tonight, maybe I will wake up with cool dreams to report on tomorrow... that would be fun.

I feel like such a dud... This entry was truly meaningless and not really engaging at all... Oh well.

Oh one thing I can make a note of is that we decided at the end of September to go to the Harley Drag Races in Bowling Green, Ky... This is a cool sounding trip, and supposedly fun and scenic. Looking forward to it... Ok, laterz.

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Jay said...

You left out the part about watching Mad Men! You DID watch Mad Men, didn't you???? ;-)