Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Full Moon Fever

Today's Cancer Horoscope:

It's one thing to be sensitive to other people's needs, but quite another if your happiness is totally dependent on someone else's emotions. The problem with placing the source of your satisfaction outside of yourself is that you cannot alter how anyone feels. However, you can change your attitude, which impacts your response to a situation. In preparation for tomorrow's Full Moon Eclipse, remind yourself that loving others begins with loving yourself.

That's good advice any day... for any of us!

Woke up this morning to the sound of the fan blowing and the weatherman telling his 'predictions' for the day and rest of the week. I haven't been on my bike at all for the last few days either because of the really bad rains of this last week, or the return of the higher heat and humidity that has left us in a sweat once again. I love my bike, but I haven't been in the mood oddly. I have thought about it with a pang in my heart, but my sweat glands fought the good fight. It's only a temporary wane however... I have been fantasizing about the ride.

I got behind a 'Pistolero' on the way to work this morning, and it just made me wish I had ridden too. So there you go, I think I will give Jimi a bath and probably ride very soon, heat or no heat.

Course, as you know I have been watching True Blood (HBO) which is in its second season. The show is based on a book series by Charlaine Harris, The Southern Vampire Mysteries series about a telepathic waitress named Sookie Stackhouse who works in a northern Louisiana bar. Her books (as well as the T.V. series) include quite a number of super natural beings (a.k.a. "Supes") such as the vampires of course, shape shifters and were-creatures, and more. They even have a bit of greek mythology since they threw in the bit about the Maenad (Maryann on the series, Callisto in the book).

As the "were-creatures", werewolves and so forth are usually highly affected by the full moon, and related phases, so are we all. Call it coincidence if you want to, but a lot of interesting things tend to happen around full moon time. Since tomorrow is stated to actually be a Full Moon Eclipse, who knows what might transpire. Hopefully it is a good phase! Time for resolutions to issues, which are greatly welcomed for me, I am ready for some positive phases now. I could certainly use that... It's time to have some fun and stop being so stressed and worried over financial issues and family illnesses. I'm so tired. :(

When we are tired, or sick, or just not feeling good we aren't balanced... our energies, our nutrition, something is off. Our bodies are trying to tell us something and we need to listen to it. We're here for this ride, you might as well take care of your 'vehicle' so you can enjoy it as much as possible... I really try to, it's not always easy.

However, this little article that my B.F.F. Tamra sent me today had some good pointers about a few foods. Check out 10 Foods That May Improve Your Appearance Not only 'appearance improving', but the foods in that article are really good for you in the way of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, for those and many reasons.

Have a happy and healthy Tuesday... watch out for that full moon, and I'll try to be back shortly with my Weekly Words Challenge photos... This weeks words are "H" and "Fade" although I am not sure if Tink is posting one last WWC or not since she is quitting her blog... but anyways, we'll see.

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Jay said...

The True Blood series on HBO is nothing like the books it's based on. Nothing. But, they're both good in their own way.

Also, the WWC was extended to next week cause of the switch over to Facebook. Or you can still post here if you want. ;-)

BBC said...

Um, I'm a so called Cancer, but I don't believe in all that horoscope shit.

Life happens, take it as it comes at you, hopefully with gained wisdom's and good choices.

BBC said...

Fuck everything else, you need a camping trip.