Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Groovy Tuesday (WWC)

Today is Weekly Words Challenge day! Normally, I link this over to the Mighty Tink's blog, but since she has deserted ship as it were, she has moved this over to Our Weekly Words Challenge Group on Facebook! So go there and check it out if you are on Facebook and would like to join in, why not add me as your friend if you haven't already... go ahead. Can you make the cut? haha. j/k

At any rate the process of posting has changed slightly, but each blogger has decided what to do and how they want to go about it, I think many of us will continue to post the pics on our blogs, and then place a link to that in our WWC Facebook Group... seems like a plan. So here we go.

This week's words were "H" and "Fade". I went rather minimalistic on this, rather than cop out completely. As usual, I don't think my photos merit much of an award, but here they are!

"H" is for Hummingbird

Summer Flowers Soon Fade

What else can I say today? It's Tuesday, and as I stated earlier, Tuesdays are not much better than Mondays. Wednesdays are a little better if only for the hump.

Looks a bit rainy today, but everyone knows by now that I like rainy days, so we'll leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

As long as you aren't flooded out, all is good, eh?
Hummingbird! [smacks forehead]
I was lame and just used pics from vacation. Now someone please rescue me from crackbook so I can get supper for my family!!

Tink said...

I like that hummingbird lawn ornament. Get any of the real thing with those flowers?

Jay said...

When those summer flowers fade, so will my summer allergies. I look forward to that.

Hummingbird? Dang. I know half a dozen places here in town with Hummingbird stuff. Never even thought of it. LOL ;-)

Gramps said...

Good job. I like the "fade" shot best.