Tuesday, August 25, 2009

8 and Earth (WWC)

Late and short and to the point... It's WWC day. I have not been doing well at this because of lack of creative time. Things have been just too hectic and stressful with work and other issues. I am hanging in here though...

Today's words are "8" and "Earth" (Thanks Tink!! WWC Now Brought To Us By Facebook) ;)

Here goes:

Mom, Cranking the Same Classic V-8 Truck She Used
To Drive Me To Elementary School... Dig That!

Peanut Butter and Jelly, a Down-To-Earth Snack!

My Bike, "Jimi" Always Brings Me Down To Earth When I'm Upset

Bonus Photo: "Tornado-Bound Sky"


BBC said...

Your mother drove you to school in that truck? Hell, that truck was way in the future when I was going to school. I was working on trucks like that when you was riding in one to school.

Besides, my parents never once drove me to school, we always walked or took a school bus.

Jay said...

*whispers* psssssst Jaxxx ... "Earth" and "8" are next weeks words. This week was "D" and "Green."

Great pics Jack-EEEEE! Great job on the words babe!

That bike is damn cool. ;-)

kcinnova said...

I'm too happy to worry about what week you did these words -- I'm just digging the pic of your mom & the truck! (And besides, it's perfect timing for me, since I am a week late in reading...)
I love me a V-8.