Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tis The Night Before Christmas

Well, almost... as I write this, I still haven't slept, still have to cook, and prepare some things... but the hours are drawing to a close. We're nearly through Christmas... You still have to admit, even with the madness that it has passed quickly as usual... and we'll be a bit bummed when it's all over. With the 'goings on' of the next few hours, or really between today and tomorrow, I may not be able to really post alot, so I thought I would leave a nice holiday greeting up in case I don't get back until after the big day... I'll leave one for Christmas Eve, and one for Christmas.

Sincerely, I have enjoyed getting to know each one of you who come here and comment and read, you're a great bunch of people... I hope all of you have a most magical and wonderful holiday, and I wish you the best life can offer in this new year that's upon us... So, I couldn't get my cat to pose, per se' but I still made a greeting out of his pic... Rodney, and me, Mr. X and our dog Sal say "MERRY CHRISTMAS 2006!!!"

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chelly said...

It's been lovely getting to know you too Auntie J! Hope you and the family have a blast this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!