Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Tale of One Christmas

Ok, it's storytime kids!
(Originally written December 20, 2004)
"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope it was the winter of despair..." (Dickens-Tale of Two Cities)

Waking up early wasn't hard as the excitement filled the air. It had been nearly impossible to sleep the night before, with the impending mystery of Christmas morning upon me. Most of the night was spent tossing and turning (without benefit of any dancing sugarplums)... forcing myself to remain in bed so that he wouldn't pass me by! "How long could the night be!?!" I wondered, frantically.

Just like clockwork, I sprung forth at dawn to go and see what wonderful gifts that Santa had brought for me. For a child about my age, lo and behold there was a 'Ripley's Believe it Or Not' type Christmas morning waiting for me... Under the tree, gleaming forth was a Go Cart (and a few other things I'd asked for-but a 'go cart'? Under the tree??). I couldn't believe my eyes! How it had gotten under the tree, I wasn't sure. But it was there! That's all that mattered. I'm certain upon looking back that I caused an Earthquake throughout the house trying to wake my parents.
The outdoors wouldn't, couldn't wait! I must get outside right this second and begin making tracks all over the ten acres that we called home. Dad could no sooner get the go cart outside and get the tank filled with gasoline than I seized the vehicle (which to me, became my car in many imaginitive childhood episodes).

All over the pasture and the yard... Up and down the driveway countless times. Nobody could make me come inside on this particularly magical Christmas day. I stop here and there very briefly only to exclaim "This is the Best Christmas I've Ever Had!!!" This childlike ecstacy must have gone on for a couple of good hours while my equally-energetic companion, "Midnight", a catahoula curr-mix dog followed along in innocent canine glee. Most of the places I drove the cart, he was right there, circling me and making doughnuts around my path. Just then, he made one wrong move in the opposite direction and as I was turning, 'KAPLOWW!!' I hit him (or he hit me--I can't remember exactly).

Devastation seized me and stole the 'Joy to the World' that had been mine that sunny day. I stopped the cart, cried and screamed "This is the Worst Christmas I ever had!!!" At that moment, I guess it was. I was so obliterated that I had run over my poor Midnight.

He was just fine, though, and as always, my Mother came to his aid with her natural healing abilities. So many beasts, fowl and humans have regained their health by her hand. The dog suffered a broken leg, which soon regrew with a bit of mom's doctorin' and homemade 'stent'. In fact, he was chasing me around again in no time.

Many Christmas's have come and gone since then... Many Joys, Ringing Bells and Silent Nights now past. However, when the wind blows cold and I see children playing in countless yards on any given day in December, I always envision that perfect and yet heartbreaking day that I (one lucky little girl who was given perhaps a bit too much automotive power) experienced in one day, the Best-and yet-The Worst Christmas in the whole wide world.


chelly said...

What a sweet story. At least Midnight got better! And a go-cart as a present! Now that's the way to treat a kid on Christmas morning. Awesome!

Nana said...

We had such a Great Santa didn't we...he is still the Greatest...we don't need to for Mrs. Santa either. She is the best....(o;