Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowed Under?

This isn't my pic, but it was nearly the only one I could find of anything related to Memphis and snow today. You see, we were sort of "promised" some severe weather and I half-expected I might be lucky enough to see snow today, but no such luck (let's not talk about luck again). The picture that you see above is a shot of Court Square in a bit of snow. It was cold enough this morning, but no precipitation fell, so here I am with a dissappointed tear in my eye. :)

Oh don't weep for me, i've had alot of fun in my life so far, and hope to have much more. Although, we sure seemed to get alot more snow around the area before I was born up through childhood, even in high school I remember some fond 'snow days'. Once I remember my Dad rigging up a 'system' to the back of his tractor, where he hooked my sled to it, and he drove us all around the snow. Then, with frozen faces we went back into the house where my Mother made some of her REAL hot cocoa with the cocoa, sugar and milk... Steamy hot cocoa sure took the chill off long enough that I'd go back outside for more. What happened to the snow? We never get snow anymore around here... I'm tempted to move to Alaska!!


Steven Novak said...

Dude drove you around town hooked to the back of his car?

You were doing jackass before Johnny Knoxville. ;)

Sounds dangerously cool.


her indoors said...

you hit it on the head there the best part about coming in from the snow has to be that lovely hot chocolate drink mmmmmmm