Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One Is The Loneliest Number

Oh my... doesn't it feel like a ghost town around the ol' blog this week? I'm getting back in the swing, and just in time to get the New Year's holiday--so December and January are very difficult to recover from because of the holidays... I get totally spoiled. But where are the rest of you guys?? Hast thou deserted Aunt Jackie? I'm completely totally and udderly alone... Oh Woe Is Meee!! :)

Actually, it has been rather quiet here in the 'Forrest', but I know that everyone has been busy and playing their very own holiday survival game as well... I really hope each and every one of you had a great Christmas. We're all just holding hands with Father Time, listening to the death rattle and waiting for his last gasp which is this very next weekend... staring baby new year right in the crown!! I can't believe that 2006 has passed by so fast.

Resolutions become all the rage and the talk of the day, which I really don't play much part in--I think resolutions are unbearably useless... Nobody keeps with them anyway. My actions are always geared towards taking life "one day at a time". I do the best I can daily... no failed resolutions to cry over, just a wake up each day that I'm given the gift of a new day and try to keep on the positive. That in itself is hard enough... constant struggle, but you gotta keep going, no matter what obstacles you encounter. Most of the time, when we look back at past troubles, they weren't as bad as we thought, isn't that right?

So everyone try to survive the last few days of the year as well as you can, and i'll try to remember as my Mother always told me, "There are worse things than loneliness." I know i'll see you all soon... Happy Wednesday.

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chelly said...

You're not alone dear AJ! We're right here! :) So glad to see you back online too!