Friday, December 15, 2006

Been Swamped!

Oh joyful joyful...
the headaches and strain,
I'm all caught up in the holiday pain.
The errands and duties,
that all are a "must"
have been given to me,
seems it's me that they trust.
Now i'm a bit out of pocket,
hope to be back soon.
Feel like a swamp creature,
from a Christmas Lagoon!!! :)


Sara said...

Meditation may well be the key amongst the chaos and hecticness! I'm the bringer of all things calm and peaceful!

Anonymous said...

Hey hun just to say I am back now not posted for ages had stuff to do just hopped in to say hi. And hope xmas isnt too stressful for you.

2 Dollar Productions said...

The best you can hope for around the holidays is merely to survive all the obligations. Good luck.