Friday, December 29, 2006

It Ain't Over Til It's Over

December 29 is the 363rd day of the year (364th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 2 days remaining... 2 days!!! That's all that's left in this year... just when I finally got used to writing 2006 as the year on all checks. It's scary how fast it has passed.

Is there any way I can briefly recap the events of 2006, sort of a 'year-end' remembrance? Not really, and there isn't anything that noteworthy in my datebook, so i'll leave that for the 'world news announcers'... Music and Art are more my topic anyway... so I was going to do maybe some sort of 'top 10 hits of 2006' but it's so trite... nobody cares... most of the hit bands these days are total dufus's that I don't listen to anyway. But while searching, I found something more my speed.

Being a fan of all kinds of music, especially Rock, Punk and Metal, I think there are alot of cool bands out there... young and old alike. However, when you are dealing with Metal music in particular, 'Black Metal', it gets way deeper than other genres. Black Metal, is a type of music that one must acquire a taste for. It takes some getting used to. There is brutality, possible satanism (or at least anti-christianity), and there is violence among these bands, specific to places like Norway and Sweden. They wear what's called 'Corpse Paint', which can make them look a bit cheesy at times, if not out-right hilarious. So the article I ran across, gives photo accounts of some of the most ridiculous "looks" that some of these black metal bands sport.

This is a must see... funny stuff. I give you TOP 10 MOST RIDICULOUS BLACK METAL PICS OF ALL TIME<--(Click Link): Warning, some of these are explicit and have nudity (giggles). Note: Aunt Jackie's personal favorites are #5 & #1* I should be back with more before our year comes to a close, but accept this as my little tribute to a world gone wrong in which we have to continue to have a grand sense of humor, about ourselves, about the world around us and most importantly... the ability to laugh our 'arses' off at our fellow man. Here's looking forward to a bright new year, I truly hope 2007 brings us all a little peace/piece/peas--whichever you prefer. ;)


chelly said...

Some peace would be nice. I don't mind peas though. I'll take both.

Hope 2007 is wonderful for you too Auntie Jackie!

PS: those pics were funny!

Cindi said...

Whoa...those pictures are funny and also a bit disturbing!

My brother (born in '64)loves Rush and Black Sabbath. I guess those are considered Hard Rock? I gave him a Black Sabbath tribute cd for Christmas, called "Nativity in Black" Vol. 1.

In 1977 I saw Black Sabbath in concert but the funny thing is that me, my best friend and younger sister went mainly to see the opening act which was a popular midwest rock group called Head East. My friend and I ended up leaving the concert while Black Sabbath was still playing. We both had major headaches and thought they were "too loud". LOL Years later when my brother found out about this he told me I was nuts to leave before they were finished.
Oh by the way...this Christmas my sister gave me Head East's cd "Flat As a Pancake" and I gave her Head East's greatest hits cd.

Ordinary Janet said...

I had to look. Now I wish I hadn't. Oh. My. God. Thanks for the link!

and Happy New Year! Start writing 2007 on your checks now so you don't mess up when you fill the rest out.

Aunt Jackie said...

Haha... So glad you all enjoyed it. Be careful out there... see u next year!! :)