Friday, December 01, 2006

Awareness Is Good, Right?

Sometimes we wish there was a little more awareness... but it's not gonna happen, let's just face facts. Still, i'm always willing to do my part... put in my 2 cents worth of "useless trivia". I know, you haven't had your dosage of useless Aunt Jackie facts in a while... I've had some half-way original and entertaining thoughts, but for the last couple of days I've been at a loss and otherwise busy getting work done. That's right, me... it is hard to believe eh? :) So let's have some awareness... The United States, being probably one of the most over-indulgent nations, maybe even the fattest-I'm not sure(?). However, once overindulgence takes over, then the time comes that a group of concerned do-gooders must step in to attempt to make others "aware" of an issue or problem. Today, is one of those fine days in the U.S. I give you: National Methamphetamine Awareness Day [my question--do I get a day off for this? And are there any free samples? ha-ha... kidding!].

Also, be aware that today's date, November 30th is special for many reasons... #1, Dick Clark (1929), American television host & Billy Idol (1955), British Rocker were born on this day. However, it would seem that they switched musical tastes almost to hear samples from Billy Idol's [Nice Day for a White...Christmas??], which threw me for a loop-and maybe into a bit of shock. I like Billy... don't get me wrong, but watching his classic 'twisted lip' as he attempts to ring in the spirit just leave me a bit unsettled... Come on Billy! Put back on the Leather and give me a 'Rebel Yell'.

A couple of other monumental events that happened on this day:
So today is the last day of November... it has slipped away all too quickly, once again for me... Time just keeps on slippin into the future (for lack of better phrasing)... It's scary really... Just 31 days left in 2006. To me, it seems like it was just 1996 or even 1986... where did it go?? Then again, what will a whole new year bring, and just how fast will it seem to pass off?

Finally, tomorrow's Friday, so I hope to have some time to put up maybe a story for you guys... Hope that you're all doing well, and those of you who have been 'under the weather', get back in tip top shape, Aunt Jackie's orders! Speaking of weather, we've been told to expect a bit of wintry condition, but in Memphis, that could mean wear a bikini tomorrow, so we'll see (i'm in the midst of invoking a blizzard myself). Until tomorrow... xoxo


her indoors said...

yep only 31 days left till the end of the year, why is it that time seems to go so fast!

cappy said...

billy idol. 51? you sure?

gonna check wickipedia!

shit. you ARE right. sorry for ever doubting you!

Dan said...

I agree with your Billy Idol assessment. For the album cover, it looks like someone took his head and put it on Michael Feinstein's body. ;)

Jacqueline said...

Totally... and hard to believe... all of it, billy's age, time passing n' all... Actually Bill Idol looks in good shape, but it's just... I dunno.
(Aunt Jackie)