Thursday, December 28, 2006

Inconvenient Truth, Certain Apathy, Unyielding Faith

I'm sure many people have, by now, watched "An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore. There are skeptics and believers alike of the contents of his documentary, and the facts therein. Skeptisicm can't be stopped. But no matter what you believe, the facts are that we can always improve conditions, or if every single person just did 'a little' to help out (whatever you can), on a daily basis, It could make a positive global impact.

If every single person on the earth thought "I'm just one person, I can't make a difference", then of course nothing would happen (on a mass scale). Same as if everyone on earth thought "If I do just one thing a day to help the environment, at least i'm doing my part", then globally, something fantastic just happened! So, never think that your efforts to help a certain cause don't make a difference because everything counts, and stacks up to make a bigger difference, somehow, somewhere. We have to try to retain some sort of faith! Faith in ourselves, and faith in our fellow man [even though, I know that is a most difficult task in this day and age].

Sure, I was reminded of all of these things by watching the documentary, but who cares? At least I was reminded. Look what it's doing to not only our environment, but the environment of our very important wildlife and animals. It's scary, and it's so sad. So i'm thinking of ways to help recycle, thinking of ways to reduce energy costs and conserve and possibly make my little contribution to a world-wide change for the better. I think that alot of the climate changes, and the natural disasters that seem to be increasing by the year are touched by these effects that we're having on the environment... I already felt that way even before I watched this.

Give it a chance, just check it out. Maybe if everyone does just 'one tiny thing' to contribute, then we can have more snow days, more Polar Bears and Penguins, less national disasters, more smiles and less suffering... I don't believe it is a lost cause.

Here's a link to check out the documentary if you haven't, or if you are interested. (Was out in May, but is now on DVD).
Learn more about the Documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth"

Great section on how to get involved. Click here to 'Take Action'.


chelly said...

Great post, thanks for reminding us. I really want to see that documentary.

Cindi said...

My mother has been wanting to see this so I got it for her for Christmas. (It was on her Amazon wish list...I talked my sister and Mom into creating their Amazon wish lists so I could have some good gift ideas) I haven't yet watched it with her. I probably will on New Year's Eve night.

Have you ever seen the documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car"? A co-worker suggested I see that one too.

Aunt Jackie said...

Oooh i'll have to check that one out. Glad to know everyone else is going to give it a peek.