Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tired Out

I found a "roofing nail" in my back motorcycle tire. It didn't appear that the tire had lost any air, but with a bike tire you don't need to take any chances. So I ran it over to a nearby place (didn't go all the way to the dealer), and he said that with the positioning of said nail and the condition of the tire (about 6,200 miles on it) It wouldn't be safe to try to patch.

I was going to go ahead and spring for both new tires as it is a good idea to try to replace both bike tires at the same time, but he didn't have them in stock and would have to order. Therefore, I decided to go with one, just the back tire that he did have in stock for now. I can get a good few more miles out of the front one anyway, and maybe I will be in better shape and can spring for a new set of really good ones. Was just the way my day started... I made the best decision I felt like at the time. So Jimi's all set for a few more miles then, and I am looking towards braving the hot sizzling sun this afternoon under a heat warning since I rode to work because of having to go get the tire issue straight.

All things on the horizon are looking like they might improve and I believe new opportunities for growth are just around the corner. I am making myself a solemn vow to keep positive and let stress roll off my back. I am advised to do so as well, and it's a good idea anyway. So look for a more positive and uplifting, healing AJ in the days to come. I am going to give it my best shot.

Lately I have been checking out the new show "HUNG" on HBO, starring "Thomas Jane". I am o.k. on it so far although it has not yet proved itself to be a very exhilarating show, I am giving it a fair shake. Now, though, I am stuck on its theme song by a band called "The Black Keys"... Check It Out: I'll Be Your Man.

Not sure why I like it so much it just grew on me.


Jay said...

I need tires on my car too. The rear tires are just about gone. The front tires actually look okay right now though. I'm thinking I might try to find a couple of good used tires to put on the back and then maybe in the fall I can get a full set. I can't freaking believe how expensive they are though. It's killing me. LOL

Staying positive is a good thing. Gotta try that sometime. ;-)

g-man said...

Keep up the positive vibes!!! Our van will need a new set soon.

Furtheron said...

positive.... hmmm.... yes I should try that... maybe... :-)

Nothingman said...

My bike's rear tire got flattened yesterday :( it was a fucking pin! a fucking drawing pin.

Here we get the tube patched, i think your bike has a tubeless tire...oh well, happy riding!