Friday, July 03, 2009

Groove Is In The Heart

I always considered myself to be a really groovy chick who was happenin in a far out way, though I've had to remind myself from time to time... But I swear lately I feel like I have lost my mojo completely... it is really about time that I change my name to Stella and get my groove back (or maybe Marsha Brady).

That doesn't (necessarily) mean that I am going on a trip to Jamaica to wook for wub in all da wong paces, of course not! I'm a sadistically evil and calculating femme fatale good girl!!!

So I just have to find a way to get my groove back.

Why do I feel lost? I mean, I have my strange and unusual husband, a loving Mom who thinks I've gone off the deep end, got my motorcycle (ILY Jimi!!), my music and band, and I work as an I.T. gal, and of course have my guardian angels working overtime trying to keep my butt out of trouble... so what's gone wrong? I have to figure it out.

Well spoken... I think that could describe me. I just have so many thoughts run through my head non-stop that I lose a lot of them before I get to write them down. I'd say I do my best thinking late at night after hot-monkey-sex an evening of Pictionary and a g-rated movie with the old balls on chin... ol' ball and chain er, uh-Ward Cleaver.

Yes that's when I am up in my undies making the man I love some stupid Tacos because he's starving to death and whining (and I don't blame him lol), then he falls asleep and I am forced to rubbermaid the meat. Maybe that didn't sound good either.

I just should have said put the taco ingredients in a sealed container... hmmm, yeah that sounds better. Ok so now he has tacos for breakfast, right? And he better eat em' and smile.

Now then, back to the subject of groove. On my motorcycle, I generally get a great deal of attention, a lot of times it is from other women (mostly because no man likes to see a gigantic ass on a bike out in the heat of the summer, open road). These ladies, I suppose are in admiration that they see a fellow girl gone wild (maybe that's what they're thinking). Or maybe they want to go wild and think that I have and that I must be a tough cookie for zooming down the highway on my black flame shadow sabre. Either way, that is cool.

Just this week I have received three thumbs up, a mid-lane proposition and have been spotted by one of my former high school classmates who wants to go for a ride very soon (yay Cyp!).

Shouldn't that make me feel quite groovy? Sure... it should.

For some reason, I still feel like an old boring woman... I mean, I am torn. Inside I feel 19 and outside I get angry and feel like I look like the old boring woman, or am starting to ooze into that mold. I have battled with this fear for so long. Control, I have to gain control of myself and get back where I want to be.

So at lunchtime, I hit up the nearest Subway for a sandwich, and upon leaving another woman complimented my bike. "That's a beautiful bike!" she said, to which I responded with a sweet "Thank you! It's dirty, but thanks!"

"I figured I'd see some man coming out and gettin' on it" she continued. (Must've not seen my butterfly helmet hanging on the mirror). So all those things are fun and enjoyable, but they're about my bike really... not me.

It is just really time to perform a little 'open-heart' surgery on myself and reignite the flame of my mojo. Why are things always easier said than done, especially far, far after midnight?

Silly Stuff and Cool Stuff from today...

"Groove Is In The Heart" Music Video
<a href="">Groove Is in the Heart</a>

The Hunt For Gollum [Independent Online Cinema]
This is about 40 minutes long but well worth it!

Very cool little t-shirts that are being made for Vampire Bill and Vampire Eric (the Sheriff) from HBO's "True Blood". My B.F.F. Tamra and are really wanting to sink our fangs into some of these... They are adorable. True Blood Addicts Check Em Out!! Here AND ALSO HERE!!.

I'm a Bill Compton fan mostly, while she thinks there are hawt things about both vampires.

That's about it for tonight. xoxo

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Ole Blue The Heretic said...

We all get bored with ourselves from time to time.

Feel our Mojo left the building on an alien space ship with Elvis.