Friday, July 31, 2009

Killing Carbohydrates Vol. 1

Many of you have expressed interest in some of the tasty alternatives that Mr. J and I have been creating when we cook up our Low-Carb Meals. Low Carb doesn't have to be Low Flavor, let me tell ya. There are a lot of really cool substitutions and alternatives that make you wonder why you haven't tried them before, just for the heck of it.

Now in this issue of Killing Carbohydrates, I will detail how to make a delicious "Chicago Style" low-carb hot dog, and since we're looking at the weekend, I will let give you my low-carb cheesecake instructions, so if you feel like a "treat"... dig in!

Low-Carb "Chicago-Style" Hot Dog

I'm not going to really put ALL this in "recipe form" (meaning measurements). Just let you know what to use, and you can determine how much you need. Here you go.

Hot Dogs - You can use your favorite brand, don't worry about the fats that much, you are low-carbing it. Fats is a whole different ball game. Just watch for Trans Fat (a.k.a. Anything "Partially Hydrogenated or Hydrogenated" is BAD!) Be as healthy as you can of course, but don't sacrifice taste and quality. **Also Vegetarians, you could use the "Smart Dogs", or other soy-type dog if you want!

Romaine Lettuce Leaves - Nobody can stress enough about washing lettuce or any store-bought vegetable... don't let e. coli ruin your meal! Wash, wash wash!

Chop up some Onions, Peppers (of your heat's desire), and tomatoes. In my experience with a locally owned restaurant who serves real Chicago-style hot dogs, these are medium-length pieces, and all slathered over the top of the dog. Chop em as small as you need.

Shredded cheese, like Cheddar, Monterrey Jack, once again... what do YOU like? This is your dog.

...and Mustard! I prefer a Spicy Dijon, but good ol' yellow will do.

Cook your dog (Oven, Microwave or boil? You choose). Lay dog out on your nice clean pretty romaine lettuce leaf, toss on the onions, peppers, tomatoes, cheese and finally your mustard.

Snack down!

Feeling like dessert?? Whip up this relatively trouble-free tasty Low-Carb Cheesecake!

[Photo Not Available]

Preheat Oven to about 350 degrees Fahrenheit

3 Packages of Cream Cheese
2 1/2 or 3 cups of Splenda (or other baking-style sugar substitute)
3 Eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla or French Vanilla Flavoring
Whipping Cream (not much, just pour in enough to loosen up the mixture and get it whipping!)
A pinch of sea salt (optional)

Use a whisk or Electric mixer either one. Don't over-mix though, just whip mixture until ingredients are all blended but not overly-smooth...

Crust: (think how much healthy oils, vitamin E and fiber you're getting with this great alternative to sugary graham cracker?)

Organic Real Butter
Ground Almonds or Almond Meal AND/OR Ground Flaxseed (I basically do this by ear, and mix the two making up enough to fill the bottom of my dish. You want enough to easily "mash" into a nice sturdy crust, so once again I kinda have to do this by 'ear'.

**I used to use a round "Pyrex" dish (had a great lid), until Mr. J was grabbing a new cheesecake out of the fridge and it slipped, breaking and spreading cheesecake all over the floor. Haven't bought a new one yet, so I am using the long (rectangular) Pyrex dish. Whatever works.

Mash the crust in and make it smooth and firm... then Pour your mixture (above) over the crust and smooth it out. Place in oven. Usually takes less than 30 minutes, but watch it. If it rises too much and starts to crack you should probably turn the oven off and let it just cool down, or take it out. According to "Alton Brown" you A cheesecake shouldn't overcook, if it looks mainly cooked but still kind of moist, that's a good time to stop it.

I am impatient, when it is done, I try to "turbo-cool" it by either sticking it in the freezer for a little while, or fridge. Whatever gets you through the day.

Cover and store in your fridge as long as it lasts, your household will eat this up quickly.

More great low-carb recipes to come soon, such as my low-carb Cauliflower "Mashed Potatoes" in "Killing Carbohydrates Vol. 2".

Over the teeth and through the gums... AJ

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I don't cook, mostly eat out but when and if i start to cook i'll come back to this post and try this :)