Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another

Manic Monday


Jay said...

Hey I met Suzanna Hoffs once. I can't even describe how beautiful she is in person. Seriously, just stunning. I was speechless.

Girl Friday said...

dude seriously.

Furtheron said...

Jay - you lucky lucky man... normally I don't "get it" with many of the female celebs that are held up as model beauties but with Ms Hoffs I have to say she is the exception

g-man said...

Jay, I'm sure she said the same thing about you.

I called it MoFo Monday, but unfortunately I did not Fo any Mo.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I agree with Jay !!!!!!!

Hello from Speedy .... I have been gone for some time. Now moved and settling in, so I can ride my blog bike around again ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

OMG Y'all... O.k. I get it. Suzanna Hoffs is/was a Goddess! LOL :))

It was more about the manic monday and all... but now, now it's a whole different THANGGG!

Y'all are bad.