Friday, July 17, 2009

Sweet Friday Nothings

Nothing interesting to tell really lately, I have been pretty busy at work and so have fallen off of my daily July posting. I don't really feel up to making up the posts when I haven't posted on those days.

So here I am, end of the work week and looking at the weekend with less-than-electric fervor. Nothing cool, nothing much to look forward to and just blah you see.

I will post more feelings or epiphanies if they come to light.

Just tired and feeling lazy right now. However, the weather today is nice.


Scarlet said...

I hope you found something exciting to do this weekend and that you got some rest.

I had a lot of fun and had a good night's sleep last night for the first time in a long time.

Now I need a vacation!

Gramps said...

Whenever I'm bored and lazy, I grab a beer and a book.

BBC said...

Weekends mean nothing being as I'm retired. Actually, the day of the week has never made any difference to me. If it was a work day I worked, unless I didn't feel like it, then I would go fishing or something and if they didn't fucking like it they could fire me.

Never did get fired for things like that, they didn't have anyone to replace me with considering my skills.

Anyway, it's Sunday and I mostly just fiddle fucked around loading the truck with camping equipment as in the morning I'm going camping on top of a mountain for a few days.

Didn't want to drag the 5th wheel up there so I'm going to be tenting it. I expect it to be cold at night and my skinny ass doesn't like it cold at night but I'm taking a propane heater that is safe to use in a tent, and my 12 volt mattress heater.

I'm sure it will be good, and peaceful.

Anonymous said...

i'm with the rest of them, hope you had a good weekend. tell us what is going on in your world today Aunt Jinks.