Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, Monday or Always

Here I am, working on getting perked up... working on getting back in touch with my writing, blogging and having my head back in the game. It's one of those things, I know anyone might say, blog or don't blog. Who cares? Well, it is one of those things. I love to write, love to blog, it's one of my "therapies" so I would prefer to continue it. Even if I had nobody to read or comment, I would still want to, even though I do love my visitors with a purple passion! ;)

First off today, I must share this video that my ol' man (if I am talking biker trash), or 'the ol' ball-n-chain', or if I wanted to be sugary, sickeningly sweet, I could say my 'sugar-pie honey bunches of delicious love muffin excellence', but I know he'd kill me--lol, so I will settle to say "Mr. J" shared with me.

Do you remember the ol' Rick Astley "Rick Roll" video that went around the net for so long, where people would share a link with you or you would click on something you were interested in and it would "Rick Roll" you with "Never Gonna Give You Up", only to infuriate the masses...? Well, this is a fresh slant on that, it's Nirvana vs. Rick Astley. I could name this "Never Gonna Give You Up Cuz You Smell Like Teen Spirit". It actually fits pretty good and is better than the original for sure... haha!!! Give It A Looksy!

Tomorrow is the Weekly Words Challenge (brought by sweet Tink!). Our words are "Four" and "Fear". I am working diligently and desperately to have some entries for that as I have done terribly lately on my WWC's and all. So send me your positive vibes.

As for the weekend in review, it was a rather bland weekend. Friday night was much ado about nothing... I lazed around a good bit, watched some TV, played AT some video games, but all-in-all, productivity was nowt.

From A Gang To GodSaturday, I slept deliciously late, lazed around a bit more, played my video game here and there, lazed around even more. Saturday night we went to a book signing brought by Meggy Moon's FABA (For Artists By Artists). The featured author was Ronald Baldridge with a book that chronicals his story of salvation from being in a gang, nearly being killed and a man who helped save his life. It's entitled "From A Gang To God".

He was signing copies and they were making a little documented film at the book signing. It was held at one of the coolest little coffee shops in Midtown in the Cooper-Young district called "Java Cabana". Check that out if you're ever in Memphis... used to be able to get married there (in a mostly-mock ceremony, Elvis style I think). Not sure if they still do.

After the book signing, we went over to "Dish" at the corner of Cooper and Young for a bite to eat. It wasn't badly priced and the food was really good! I had a the vegetable egg rolls for an appetizer and the Spinach / Goat Cheese pizza for my entree. It was yumtastic!

That was about all Saturday was made of. Sunday once again I slept late, and even layed around more during the day. I did cook some things for lunch to get us through the week, and made another low-carb cheesecake (with almond meal and flax seed crust) for our sweet tooth. When night fell, It was time once again for my delightfully addicting show, True Blood. Went to bed at a decent time, and dreamt horrible dreams about Tornadoes. I did not enjoy that.

Here's my note on True Blood... my B.F.F. Tamra and I are both in strict agreement here. We are pissed off and sick of the Maenad, Maryann and her waste of screen time vibrating all over the place and inducing disgusting orgy's with the entire lot of townsfolk. Get to the point and get her out of there. I'm very fed up with her.

In my honest opinion, the Greek Mythological slant didn't fit in too well with the storyline. I know that the author of the books, Charlaine Harris, has written this story and it is of course up to her what she chooses to write. But the people who have helped turn this into a television show should really cut to the chase and realize that we can only take so much of this disgusting character.

Michelle Forbes as the Maenad, shown here transitioning
into something like a "Minotaur" or Bull Demon in the show

At first Maryann was a little bit intriguing, and she seems kind of elegant, but we all knew she was an evil creature. That's fine, but I don't know, I guess they've just dragged it out and made it overkill for me. The faster they get done with this vibrating orgy-obsessed Maenad the better... Vibrate her scaly claws right on outta here!!!

I'm just ready for more juicy story lines between Sookie, Eric and Bill, and I'd also enjoy seeing the relationship between Hoyt and Jessica develop more... It's sweet.

That's about all I have for now, I need to get more productivity before the afternoon is out. I will try my best to be a full-fledged participant in the WWC tomorrow and have more fun stuff this week. Have a great week everybody!

Less than three,

Aunt Jackie

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