Thursday, July 23, 2009


Hello Blog Family:

I know I haven't posted much lately, and have been on a slight "hiatus" (especially for me), but I can't help but wonder where everybody went? Are you mad at me for not being able to make it by your place(s)? Have I turned you, my blog family, away? When times get tough and things get hectic, those are the times I need to hear from you most! An encouraging word, a joke, link to a funny video. Something to let me know that you haven't gone away for good!

I promise, I will get around to you very soon and I will read your latest exploits and comment with great eagerness. Hopefully, you haven't forgotten your Aunt Jackie. I thought we had something special! ;)

Anyways, on with the show I guess.

I have been trying to catch up on the reading of my "Sookie Stackhouse" series of books, albeit in PDF form on the PC versions (E-books). They are pretty good stories. I am glad I read them. Maybe I will discuss these in detail later.

The other night, I had an interesting dream about David Gilmour. He and I were obvious friends, nothing romantic (so don't worry T!!) David in the dream was about the same age as David is now, and for some reason, I was giving him a back massage.

What is it with me and these celebrity dreams sometimes?? It's always people that I don't even think about too (as in I am not obsessed nor have a celeb crush on) like the John Lennon dream. Slash is the exception though, since he is a celeb crush of mine lol. Consistently, though, they always seem to be worthy, highly regarded talents. It's just very strange to me. The back massage I gave David was a very detailed one, very thorough. I was remembering the proper ways to work various parts of the back, and he seemed to get a therapeutic benefit from the whole ordeal.

Other than that, I haven't much to report really. Nothing very interesting has been happening. I will continue to try to improve my blogging and get back in business, if you guys promise to hang around. :)

I Miss You!!!
Your Aunt Jackie

PS: I am going to go ahead and skip this week's Weekly Words Challenge, as I really hate to post this late again. :'-(


Anonymous said...

Auntie J,
I think everyone is away at summer camp. I'm in Camp"Cantquitcauseofbillstopay" there's not a lake here unless you count the pot hole in parking lot. My cabin mates are lunatics and we do the same damn thing day in and day out. You relax cause i'm sure everyone loves you. keep writing when you can, gives us hope. Jinks

Reb said...

I haven't gone far, I am just suffering from "summer-wanna-be- outside-not-inside-itis". We all still love you and suspect you might have come down with the same thing.

Jay said...

Yo. I have dreams about celebrities. They're usually naked though. ;-)

Furtheron said...

Dave G - saw him at the Jeff Beck gig earlier in the month... very bald now, not sure if by his design or nature :-)

Slash!!! Slash!!! but he's from Stoke!!! Bloody hell I thought you might have more taste... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm not worried... I have been over that one for a while now... :} T.

BBC said...

No sweat hon, I'll still check in on you once in a while.

I've been spending a lot of time camping, the last trip was high up on a mountain, it was really nice up there, other than the fucking skeeters.

And one night three city she monkeys camping next to me and forgetting I was there and chattering away about things I'm sure they wouldn't have been saying had they remembered I was there, he he he.

Interesting but they was still going at it 45 minutes after I went to bed, and kept slamming the doors on the SUV.

So I called over to them to keep it down and they turned it right off. :-)

At least I didn't have to get up and get dressed and go over and rag on them like I have to at times.

My next camping trip, unless I squeeze in one before it, is to the spiritual gathering at Hobuck Beach on the 14th.

I've been reading some Dana Fuller Ross books about early America, very interesting reading.

Be safe out there.