Tuesday, March 03, 2009

White Slot (WWC)

You've probably noticed (or maybe you haven't), that the last post I did was on February 28th. Well, I made it through my month-long vow of "a post a day" for the month. Yay me! So since I was out from under my NaBloPoMo responsibilities, I just thought I'd chill for a couple of days.

What better day to make my March comeback then Weekly Words Challenge Day! (See the lovely Tink for details if you'd like to participate.

This week's WWC Words are "White" and "Mailbox / Slot". I had no trouble at all with the "White" part since we had a nice little snow to end February and begin March. It still didn't last that long, but for our area, I guess it was pretty good. Anyways, I caught a few snapshots from my Mom's house in the snow with my Blackberry's camera phone. Those are not that great quality.

Let's have a look.

Shot of the front yard the next morning, the sun was out and it was pretty.

The corner of the house. That little ice patch there, is the same little place that water has always collected since I was a little girl. Every time it would rain, I would go and stomp in the puddle barefoot (ahhh my soul loves it), and when it was an ice patch, I would pretend to skate-lol (hey, it's all I had).

The front porch steps, are looking a bit old, but I thought made a lovely pattern in the white snow.

Shot from the front yard looking down the driveway... White everywhere!

More front yard, love the white highlighted branches.

A "foot in" shot just for Barnze, the kind of "foot" shots... I enjoyed the patterns here.

That's all of the camera phone shots. Now here are the ones from my Nikon. Eh...

Another "foot in" shot showing the contrast between the leaves and the white snow.

White Death to the Buttercups :(

White on White

These trees look lovely in White!

How many mailboxes can you see on this street?? Some white, some not.

Finally, a worm's eye view of this little guy with a familiar face...
sorry I know he's a repeat, but I like him. :))

Happy snapping all!!!


Reb said...

Wow, your mom's place is wonderful. I like the snow shots and your little snowman deserves to be shown again. The trees on the hill are beautiful covered in snow.

Our posties have to come up to each house, we don't have our mailboxes out on the street like that.

Anonymous said...

Cute little snowman, Jackie!
That first picture of your mom's has white snow and wagon wheels, so we have a bit in common there with our posts today. :)
I love the sun peeking through the trees, the pattern in the steps, and the trees frosted in white, but oh, the poor buttercups! (or are they the narcissus/baby daffodils?)

Jay said...

I'm glad you finally got your one snowfall of the year! It came just in time for the WWC. ;-)

Beautiful pics babe.

g-man said...

Very cool photos. The blackberry does a fine job.

Ahhh, stomping barefoot in the puddles, I can feel the water and dirt between my toes... good for the soul indeed.

furiousBall said...

ahhh, beautiful snow!