Monday, March 23, 2009

Dies Lunae

Semi-quick little weekend update(s):

Saturday night's gig went off without a hitch on our part, and it was nice to get out for a change and hang at the Stage Stop, and hear some other bands too. As I may or may not have said, I elected to do a keyboardless set due to our time constraints and just to see how much more "relaxed" I could be and I really have to say that I enjoyed it immensely, so I might make some permanent changes. Of course not to leave keyboards out totally, but I might set-up next time where I can run over and play a song on the keys, and then have some where I just sing at the mic and can go back and forth instead of feeling awkward behind the keyhboard during a song where I don't play.

So it was quite a late night, as it always tends to be when we gig, but I'm glad this week will be sort of a let up from last week's hectic schedule in preparation for the gig. I can take a deep breath and feel a little lighter (mentally speaking).

Other than that I am really feeling draggy this morning and I think I could've done quite a significant further amount of sleeping at that. But alas, Monday is always swift and cunning, and really sneaks up on you. So here I am, trying to gather my thoughts and find some purpose for myself, or at least accomplish some things today.

I was thinking on my "Bucket List" the other day, I know it sounds silly, but I do have things I would like to experience specifically before I leave this world. I don't have the time or energy to really list a bunch of them right now, I just wanted to say that I have added "The Metropolitan Opera" to my list of "things to do", which might coincide with the fact that I'd like to be in New York City at Christmastime one of these years... we'll just have to see how it goes.

'What made me think of this?' you might be inclined to wonder. Well, I caught a portion of the movie "Pretty Woman" on HBO the other night, and it was right at the part where they went to the Opera. The music all through that soundtrack kind of makes me sad and takes me back to some pretty nice times, and then I equate all those tunes to certain experiences. So I just had a reminiscing session while watching, and then thought to myself, "Wow, I actually would like to get all dolled up and really go see an opera sometime." Now, I am seriously doubtful that Mr. J would take part in this, unless of course it was merely for the fact that he could wear a Tux and look hot. Otherwise, I will probably go and hire a very sexy and handsome Italian Escort--haha!!! So it will look authentic and romantic. ;)

This week's agenda is pretty clear so far. I'm going to strive for a few pics for Tomorrow's WWC with Tink, but other than that, guess it's a pretty blank page. I don't have much else at the moment, so you guys have a great Monday.


Furtheron said...

Glad the gig was a success. And yes think about a keyboard stage left/right option so you can flip between the two... good for you.

Re bucket lists. Ho hum - I've been avoiding this. If I set up a bucket list it'll be another bleeding pressure on my life that I'll feel like a failure if I don't climb Kilimanjaro, Swim naked in a tributary of the Amazon and set up a multi-million pound busines... :-)

I just set myself up to fail every time don't I?... :-) My bucket should be... die happy, die sober

Tink said...

If we lived closer I would totally get dolled up with you and go to the opera. I've never been and it's probably not something I would want to do frequently. But it's on my bucket list too.