Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rude Awakenings

A couple of weeks ago, I made a very half-hearted attempt at reanimating my Strength Training routine... I lifted weights one night, and then let nearly another two weeks follow without so much as a bicep curl. So last night, I got Mr. J to write up another routine for me to try and I began again. I started out with Chest Press, followed by Bench Rows, Pull-Overs and finally Military Press. Most of these were 5 sets of 5 reps each (give or take). I am slightly sore today but for the most part, I usually get most sore the 2nd day after for some reason. However, I did drink Surge by 'Biotest' (not Surge the soft drink) afterward. That is a product that has protein as well as BCAA's (Branched Chain Amino Acids), and the right type of sugars necessary for fast muscle recovery. Good product, if you are into strength training, lifting, body building, or whatever, I highly suggest trying any of the Biotest Laboratories products. Not to make this a total lesson in muscle and strength or fitness, I was just basically giving a little information about the products. You never know who it might help.

Between and after my lifting routine last night, I finally sorted out my Tax terrors. I am not as stressed about that now, as I can slightly see some light peeking through the end of this tunnel. So all I am lacking now, is ink for my printer so I can finish the deed, and money to send off some payments. Then we are copacetic until tax time rolls around again (which is always, always far too soon).

After the tax-time torment ended, and I'd finished my working out, we watched a few fleeting seconds of television, I took a hot, bubbly soak, and we headed off to bed. I was all set to enjoy a night of relaxing dreams until I awoke at just around 1:30 a.m., for no apparent reason, turned over, and went back to sleep.

Next up, it was right around 3:30 a.m. when I thought I was dreaming and heard bells ringing... I awoke to Richie yelling, "Hey Jackie someone's at the door. Someone's ringing the doorbell!" I quickly snapped to reality, noticing the time. A feeling of panic washed over me as I said, "I don't have any clothes on, can you come with me??" Richie exclaimed, "Don't answer that!" I thought for a moment about not answering but unnerved, and thinking it had to be something bad, I said, "But what if it's the Police?" I figured that it was doubtful, but if something was going on in the neighborhood, I thought the Police might be there, and they had stopped by before, with this or that issue... I wouldn't want to NOT answer for the cops and them to kick down a door or something.

Richie replied, "Oh yeah... Guess we should check. I gotta PEE!"

I darted back, "Well wait!! Come with me!" Imagining being konked in the head at the door, and sometimes it's hard to fathom, but you hear all kinds of news stories about people coming to the door and robbing people, using different types of schemes... Some people bring a baby to the door and pretend that they're having car trouble, some people have other stories. But this was stark in the middle of the night. I didn't like it one bit honestly.

So we both went up to the door, and I peeked through my 'make-shift curtain', and I recognized the face outside the window... but was highly disturbed to see this person.

Not to be telling tales out of school, but I just have to get it off my chest, and I will use "initials" to protect anonymity. "It's M."

Richie: "What's he want?"

I told M. that I wasn't presentable and that I couldn't answer the door, that we were sleeping and it was the middle of the night.

He said, "I'm sorry!! Jackie I'm stuck in the mud and I need Richie to come pull me out."

I said, "Uhhh... wait a minute... %^@##!!!#! Hang on... "

Then I yelled for Richie and told him what was going on... and he said, "Oh. Alright... Lemme get dressed and I'll go pull him out. Without hesitation, he threw his clothes on and proceeded to assist. Now even though this is someone that we know, I still felt apprehension, and quite honestly it put me in a state of nervousness... the entire incident. While I am admittedly quite Un-trusting of most of the human race, I would venture to say that Richie can sometimes be a bit "OVER-trusting". He took off and didn't even take his cellphone with him, so I was left to worry that he might be dragged off into some trap, or being set-up for something bad, or robbed or maybe setting the stage for a robbery of our house. I don't know. My imagination, as usual, went completely wild. Therefore, I never returned to sleep.

We elected, then, to go ahead and zip up to the gym and do some cardio workout, you know... um, get our sweat on.

A funny thing happened. As I was looking around "ass staring", observing everyone else's activities on the machines and in the facility (a terrible, irritating habit that I wish I could shake, but alas I am a people watcher), I began to get something of a panic attack, but not really a panic attack. It was more like a slight freak-out, but my head began to spin with frantic thoughts, and I had to consciously catch a few breaths while fighting the urge to jump off the machine and go running from the building... maybe I was just sleepy.

So I have been up since 3:30 a.m., and now will have to be up late due to Band Practice, still preparing for the Saturday night gig, which I am not as apprehensive about either. We will only be playing about a 30-35 minute set. I have made the command decision to go without my Korg and do a "keyboardless set". I thought It would be relaxing, and I can just be at the Mic singing, and maybe find my stage presence. Normally, I feel so bogged down because I am standing at the mic behind my piano and it's really awkward, and I don't feel very much like an entertainer. Plus, I am never very self-confident deep down. I'm always feeling goofy and not knowing what to do with my hands, but we'll see how this goes. I'm no GG Allin, an insane front man, but neither do I want to be some boring rock behind a mic either. Aaaafffggghhh! Where are the feasts we were promised?!?! :)

The week will keep stepping along, and we will prevail. I'm not dreading any of it as bad as I was. Didn't I say in the beginning of the week that I knew things would turn out fine and I wasn't going to sweat it?? Openly, I practiced this through the hours and days following, consciously relaxing myself and reminding my psyche to chill out... let it flow. I'm doing alright.

For tonight of course, there is practice after work, and we'll iron out the setlist a bit more, maybe we will be tight enough not to have to practice Friday night, although for now we're still planning it. We've had creative differences flying around the room lately in the band, but nothing that won't pass. Guess that comes with the territory.

That is officially all I have to ramble on about today, for whoever may be interested, and for those who were not entertained by it, carry on... Aunt Jackie is not recommended for everyone, for those on pace-makers, or with high blood pressure. Please consult a physician before starting a regimen of Deep In The Forrest. But For Those About To Rock (With Me), I wholeheartedly salute you.


Furtheron said...

anyone at the door or on the phone at 3:30am would freak me out as well

Reb said...

I would have been a lot freaked too. that is just rude, you don't be banging on doors at three in the morning just 'cause you were stupid enough to get stuck - that is what tow trucks are for!

Anonymous said...

They don't know "M" Matthew like we do they? I rest my case.