Friday, March 13, 2009

Just Call Me 511 (Too Much Information)

Yeah it's a long title, and I have a slight OCD-type obsession with making sure that my titles are neat and tidy... what's that all about?? But I forfeited that for you guys today.

Well a few people have expressed that they were looking forward to my thoughts and couldn't wait to see my junk. That's quite interesting, and could be construed as dirty, but I'll let it pass without giving you guys a hard [time].

The days continue to fly by and the time continues to slip through our fingers like monkey grease.
So completely unorganized, busy and random (just like my brain), I will spill my thoughts out today as I go until I am ready to put these up for human eyes.

Speaking of Grease, "Monkey Grease" I thought was what it was called... When my Dad used to work on automotive stuff, and I was hanging around him, he had this canister of really green looking "grease", and I thought I remembered him calling it Monkey Grease, but it might have been something else. I used to be somewhat fascinated with the stuff though, and thought it was strange how you had to grease everything up as you worked on cars and trucks. Another fine memory of Dad.

If you've noticed recently, or maybe I haven't actually Blogged it but I discovered a new "cool" quote the other day (metaphorically speaking), it was actually discovered by Richie when he was browsing the web and saw a video of a guy on fire (one of those extreme type websites) and the caption was a quote, "Build A Man A Fire, And He'll Be Warm For A Night; Set A Man On Fire, And He'll Be Warm For The Rest Of His Life!" (I may have adjusted the wording to my like, but I thought that was a great quote and good advice for most of humanity.

Last weekend I went to a Metaphysical Fair here near where I work, went with a friend of mine on Sunday afternoon for just a bit. While I was there, I ran across YET another cool healing stone to add to my collection, it's called a "Selenite", which has some pretty cool properties. Those of you who know me relatively well, or have known me for a long time know of my obsession with stones, rocks and minerals and my spiritualistic approach to life (which is based on my own experiences, and beliefs and views).
I love Native Americans for their spirituality and I enjoy many things in the "Healing" genre, have a vast interest in reading and checking out many of the worlds cultures and beliefs, but I am a live and let live person.

How I live and what I believe works for me, and I enjoy it--Maybe it's not the best thing for you, so I don't try to force my ways upon anyone, and I will not adhere to the "church" of 'You're going to Hell if you don't believe like I do.' Take it or leave it, and I politely request no lectures or bitchings in that regard... I don't mind a debate, but I just like to live my life.

Might I digress... In addition to the Selenite stone, I also decided to check out a sort of reading with this lady, it was related to Crystal Skulls and Energy Work, I found it to be fascinating and quite relaxing. Later when we returned home, I felt like 'smudging', so I burned some Sage around the house in my own private little ceremony I guess you could say. A day or so later, an otherwise "healthy" Richie popped up with boils on each arm and had a cortizone shot in his bung wrist (which has no relation to the other injuries, he already had a sore wrist before the smudging). LOL

So what I am JOKINGLY insinuating is that Richie was being held together by his "Evil Spirits", and when I performed the purification ceremonies, dousing him, the dog, the cat, etc... He started simply falling apart. It is to laugh, I think that's pretty funny. ;)
One of the proposed properties of Selenite is that it is said to be helpful in "past life regression" and be a very strong healing stone (resist your urge to scoff please). So that night, I had stored the stone close to my bed, and had been playing with it really all day because I loved the smooth texture and it just felt good in my hand. I had a strange little dream, and I quite liked it.

It wasn't really a "past life" type thing, but it was a "Time Travel" of sorts. In the dream, my Mother and I had traveled back in time to sometime I'd say in the 1930s, and it was the town I grew up in except it didn't quite look the same. It was very old looking, and there were businesses in something of a town square. I tried to read the signs of each business and compare them to what I thought were still in business in modern day. As I was doing this, my Mom beckons me with her across the street, and we walk along. A woman comes out who looks extremely like my sister Jeanne but is not. This woman is introduced to me as my great-grandmother (Mom's Mom's Mom lol). Then my Mother introduces me to HER as "Her youngest child". It's at that point that my great-grandmother (looking like Jeanne) Hugs me. Then I turned and looked around and there was some sort of "train-like" carriage that was supposed to be the vehicle that Mom and I were using to travel back in time... we were getting ready to leave and that is all I remember about it. Found it to be really interesting though.

To change the subject now, I have been thinking about all the other drivers on the road. You've all heard me bitch about Memphis-area drivers and their terrible manners and their callous, asshole attitudes... as well as their nearly-non-existent driving skills. Well it seems so funny to me that whenever you're driving, there is a tendency to call anyone going slower than you (those you get "stuck" behind) something like a Creeping-Asshole, but anyone who decides to pass you with flying colors, they are all Shithead Crazy Maniacs!! Funny huh. Still, I have been fighting both these morons on a daily basis, and even more since I have a longer route to work now. I'm so lucky to be the only sane, able-bodied driver on the road!

Remember these?? (SNL) They were great!

Guess that is all I have to subject you to right now of my thoughts. If I come up with anything else worth spouting off then I will indeed be back... You can bank on it. ;) Hope you guys all have a blast this weekend! Stay safe and watch out for the morons in front of and behind you.

Still going strong are WTF Friday and I Miss My Childhood (2 blogs that I occasionally contribute to), feel free to browse away.

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