Friday, March 27, 2009

Long day not quite over

Just a quick post here from the ol Crackberry. This has not been one of those exciting days (or weeks for that matter) that pass quickly like when you're having fun.

It's not even a question of there being plenty of work for me to do because there are things I could go ahead and get done before time, and things I need to take care of, but for some reason I am just distractable. This causes me to go out of my mind with some strange type of "self-inflicted boredom". Sounds crazy I know, but it's like I can't keep my mind on business or important issues. So I doodle around, getting necessary stuff done but daydreaming and clock watching way more than I need to.

The funny thing is that I work well under pressure, so when I do this and it comes down to a crunch, I excel with flying colors but in seeing how easy it was to complete said mission, I think to myself, "why didn't I go ahead and get this done weeks ago??"

I used to do it in school too. Wait until the last possible moment on a very big term paper or such that was due and detrimental to my grade, and then all but ace the thing.

People don't get it... I don't either. I never was much of a studyer but could make the grade if I so desired. I always have had a hard time focusing. Imagine what I could have acconplished if I had just made that extra effort!!

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Furtheron said...

don't worry about it - I've done some stuff on this people types etc. That is what you are and how you work, just accept it and go with it.