Thursday, March 19, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

(A Memo From Jimi)

To Whom It May Concern [This means you... all of your self-absorbed, rude, greedy, thoughtless drivers on the roads and highways of this world full of increasingly endangered beauty and love for your fellow man].

What a gorgeous day it is. Just breathe in the delectable scents and flavors of nature and sunshine. Feel that cool, fresh air enter your lungs. Take the speed down a notch, enjoy the sights and sounds all around you in this multi-dimensional universe that you happen to be cruising your way through.

Everywhere you look there is something to see... and if you listen closely, yes open up your ears, you can understand exactly what the birds are singing about. As the fish immerse themselves wholly in the rivers and the streams, and they swim bravely against the currant to where they know they must go, I blaze my trail, flames flying high, leaving my smoke signals behind me to lead the way. We could all arrive together in this majestic celebration.

But you, all of you want to get there first even though you have no idea where you are going. You plow past your fellow travelers without even a wink or a smile, and you hurdle towards your destination unknown at speeds that would make the Angel of Death wince.

What's the big rush friends? Can't you see that you're finger is stuck on the Fast-forward button and you're missing the best part of the song. But who am I to stop you? You know best, and you're in the drivers seat, so by all means, let me move over rover... right out of your way and let you proceed. You can have the citations and the collisions and the stress.

Meanwhile, I'll slow down a little more and give you some room. I'm in no rush, It's a beautiful day and I've got all the time in the world.




Anonymous said...

So glad that you..."let Jimi take over". great post...Jinks

Reb said...

Hi Jimi. You sound like a wonderful ride, smart and earthy enough to enjoy nature. I like that in a bike, long may you roar ;)

Furtheron said...

Interesting... I notice a considerable difference between UK and US bikers. I'm not a biker by the way, if I was I'd like to be a US biker not a UK one...

US biker, sits back in the seat large frame bike with slow revving engine, feet forward, wind in the face, cruises with the traffic or a little slower, looks about at the world and drinks it in, loves the noise of the and the air and their bike. They are riding to be free.

UK biker, sits hunched over a very small frame with high revving engine, acceleration is everything, the noise is ear piercing not chest thumping, closed in helmet with black visor, wants to be isolated from the world which is a blur as they hurtle along, no/little consideration for others on the road, overtake on the wrong side, jumping lights, crossing the line on all bends, mad overtakes with little space to reenter the queue. They are riding to escape everything including the very envionrment they claim the want to see.

Kenski said...

Oh, it's a beautiful day here in London, too. The sun is out and it's on the verge of being warm.

On my ride in this morning I pulled up alongside a major crotch-rocket with a super-fat rear tyre and lots of chrome.

I held him on my Vespa up to about 15mph, at which point he gently opened up his throttle and took off.

I remember thinking to myself, "I gotta get me one of those!"

I, too, am more of a Jimi than a Ninja, though. I want something I can sit on and enjoy the journey as opposed to hold onto for dear life.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I am really happy that I can walk to work.

BBC said...

I like to drive slow and enjoy the trip, it pisses others off.

Actually, I sort of enjoy pissing them off by doing the speed limit.

When going through town I often use the alleys, more peaceful there.

BBC said...

I don't have a bad ass bike anymore, just a Honda 150 Elite scooter.

And it has a two legged kick stand. Keeps it level and easier to screw on, ha ha ha.

Scarlet said...

You've brought back memories of 1986. What a great summer that the hills and parks of upstate NY.

Nothingman said...

Jimi is a cool one :) I like the way you have written this post. I think i'll drive slow to work tomorrow ;)