Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Diamond One (WWC)

Once again, I feel I am barely skating by on my entries, but at least I am participating! I have a couple of revisited photos. I promise to be back in full force one of these days soon with my photos, that is, if I even survive and feel like I should continue blogging. I want to, I love blogging, guess that should be enough, right?? Just enjoy it and stop overthinking? We'll see... thanks anyway for the couple or so who have begged me to stay and who do at least enjoy the read... I appreciate that.

This week's Weekly Words Challenge (WWC), is as always brought to us by the lovely Tink, and this week by the keywords, "One" and "Diamond".

Here goes... enjoy. :-\

One Man at One With His Guitar

Expression of "Oneness"

One Strange Tree Trunk!

It's 1:11 Do You Know Where Your AJ Is??

One Ring With Multiple Diamonds

Turning One

And there you have it...

Happy Tuesday and Happy Snapping One and All! You're All Diamonds In My Book.

Oh yeah, and Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!!

I almost forgot since I have no celebration planned... just another day in paradise.


Tink said...

Quit apologizing! I'm just happy you played! I love the carving in the tree and the ring and the cute baby. But that tree butt- WTF? Lol.

Jay said...

Haha! That tree butt is just freaky weird.

Pretty ring. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Well done! "Tree butt" LOL!
I especially like the guitar picture - there is so much action and warmth captured in that one photograph!

Skating by with entries? I only put up one pic, and it was a repeat from July 2008 (permanent or permanence or some such word)!
We all have weeks/months like that.
You are very creative, Jackie. Please don't stop blogging (unless you want to, of course).

Reb said...

The tree butt is lovely ;) As are your diamonds, I like the marquis cut too. That guitar shot is wonderful and warm and full of furious action!

AJ, it just takes time for some things to work their way through our psyches. Please don't stop blogging unless you are stopping for yourself.

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Tink! Thanks, I know. I apologize too much, it's one of my worst habits... I'm sorry... rofl

Jay! Yeah Tree Bootayyy haha Thanks.

KC! Glad y'all like the butt. ;) Yeah I enjoy the guitar pic too. We all have our off weeks just glad we get back, cuz I enjoy you guys so much.

Reb! Thanks, and you are right... I do love blogging. I think I'll get through this, everyone has hard times but things always work out, sooner or later.

Thanks for the kind words guys :))

furiousBall said...

the tree trunk looks like a fist - neato

g-man said...

Everyone said tree butt. :)

I like your pictures! And Really AJ no one is judging your blog or how often or the content in which you write. I am happy when you are here, but understanding when you are not.

Aunt Jackie said...

I really appreciate that... don't make me kick y'all in the "trunk" haha :) jk