Sunday, November 09, 2008

What's Up With That Steeple?

Weekend has been buzzing by, there were things I had planned on doing that I didn't get to take care of such as picking up some things from my Sister's house (sorry Vick! If you are inclined to give me another chance then perhaps this Friday or Saturday? Don't look at me like that, I'll make good I swear!)

With the time change, and the days being shorter, I think this last week has really thrown me for a loop... Not to mention the low-energy bit. But I am feeling a bit more perky today. Perhaps it is because I did a good deed. I went to church with my Mother and performed a song for her, basically I wanted to give her a lift because she's seemed so down the last few days. She won't admit it, but I could hear it in her voice. So since she'd been begging me to come play piano and do a special song for so long, I thought it might lift her spirits. It seemed to help.

Most everyone realizes that I am not a fan of organized religions, or the way things seem to go in most churches. I have a spirituality, and I live my life according to the things that I feel are right, or try to for the most part. I am who I am, and you are who you are, so let's leave it at that, and no tattling on me either, mm'kay?

But I wondered to myself as I sat there on the bench alongside Mom, if Hell was warming up its broilers just for me as I sat there and slapped myself for envisioning phallic symbols in a particularly 'interesting looking' set of crosses they had hanging on the wall. I snickered to myself, as I wondered just how demented that made me in the world of "normal" or righteous people... It doesn't really bother me, but of course I do not want Mom to know (winks).

Sometimes I need to feel free to blog about something (get stuff off my chest) without knowing it's gonna get me busted or lectured. :) Yeah, I know, go back to private journaling, right? Well, I like blogging, so I like to write freely. Yeah I still have to hold back sometimes on here, and I also have a private blog if I really feel like venting. Not that I don't trust my (blog) family, but sometimes things can slip out, when someone would prefer them not to. I'm sure that there are things that you would rather not have discussed as well, so let's just agree to respect one another's needs here... how does that sound?

I like it myself...

So I did a good deed today, and even though I really don't enjoy traditional southern baptist music, and not many of them can carry much of a tune, I got a good feeling from doing something nice, so I am pleased in that regard.

In local weather, we experienced quite a chill this weekend, Richie and I decided to play camping again, and pitched our tent, too close within earshot mind you of Mom's rooster, so he began his morning wake-up ritual before the sun even came up... and we had quite a frost, so the tent was a 'chilling' experience to say the least.

It's always to the extreme with us, either frying like bacon in the heat of summer when I mistakenly point our open tent window to the east (like an idiot), or waking up to frozen eyebrows and zealous roosters before dawn.

Where's the middle?

Have a great week Chicks and Cocks!


Jay said...

Church is a place where lots of bad thoughts happen. When I was in high school I spent all my time while at church checking out all the girls (and a few MILFs) wearing tight skirts. ;-)

freakazojd said...

Wow! More power to you...I haven't been to a church service in a LONG time. I used to work at a church, playing for their Sunday services, and hated it. Nice people, just hated being there. I don't feel as much animosity any more, but after leaving my church (and religion in general, organised or not), I was pretty angry, mostly at the brainwashing and blind following of something which suddenly seemed so OBVIOUSLY untrue. Wow, how's THAT| for a loaded comment?! :)

Anonymous said...

good post Jackie and what did you sing? make me think of all the old characters in church from my's me Jinks......who hasn't blogged in a month of Sundays.....can I get an AMEN!

Furtheron said...

What's normal?

I don't do church - I've had a couple of serious bouts of religion in my life. Both times I've come away as the hypocrasy has got too much for me. I also can't have the believe that all this is "the one true way" etc.

So I'm like you I do the personal spritual thing and try to live as best I can being the best person I can.

I don't think there is any kind of afterlife for my being anyhow other than the positive (or negative) engery I will leave behind in the world to those I have touched. So I try to work on the positive side of that even if that isn't in my nature at times.

I applaud you on the blogging as well - I tend to worry about what I might say and who might read it... I shouldn't this is me take it or leave it but respect it all the same.

Anonymous said...

Not even going there............

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, Freakazojd, Anony-Jinks,Further, I thank you for your thoughts on that, and am glad that you enjoyed and saw a bit of humor in it, or maybe it reminded you of something. Mostly glad that you care enough to identify yourselves even when you sign in as Anonymous.

As for you "Anonymouse", no more little snide nameless comments. I don't care THAT much about getting comments, I do enjoy them from those who aren't too busy or afraid to leave a name.


g-man said...

There must be a special place in hell for that, and I'm sure I will have my own parking spot. There are a number of times while in church that I may have whispered to my wife or a friend something of a sexual nature, or changing words to hymns to something outrageous, just for a laugh.