Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Public and Private (WWC)

This week's "Weekly Words Challenge" is brought to us by the manly and excellent Jay of Cynical Bastard. He has done a great job of standing in for Tink as she was off getting married all this last week... His words were "Public" and "Private".

I'm running amuck and confused as usual, so bear with me. I'll get this I hope!

Let's get this party started!

My Pubic... Oh wait, damn wrong word.
See told you I was confused today!!!

Maybe I better let the Slideshow handle this...

Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

That castle - was that a restaurant?
And I find myself curious about who lives in that private residence with the gate halfway open.

The underpass on public road shot reminds me of a place I used to live. It brought back memories all-in-a-rush: in my mind, suddenly I was driving down that road (my old road, not the one you photographed). Weird, huh?

Tink said...

I love the colorful ad on the wall! I wonder how many times they have to touch it up or fix it from graffiti. And what's up with that castle? It seems like such a shame that it's just sitting there, rundown and uninhabited.

Jay said...

Great job on the WWC this week!

Love the murals on the side of the building. And I would be really tempted to drive through someone's open gate. ;-)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

That was great! I like the fact that around here they turn old theaters into stores.

g-man said...

Wicked good as usual AJ.

Yea! private parts ;)

The castle made me think of the Munsters. I do enjoy your "around town" shots, but I especially liked the peek into your work life.

I enjoyed seeing the similarities in our ideas for this week.

BBC said...

Good job hon.

Hey, I figure that I should carry on about kissing Palin's tits and get everyone else going on about her until we laugh her right out of politics. :-)

Have a good Wednesday.

Newt said...

WOW did you kick some ass this WWC! Nice job! Castle? Really? That's sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

"Leland is sexually active in the community..."

The Trailer Of Love