Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anonymous Anonymore

Anonymous commenting has been disabled. I'm sorry about that, I appreciate those of you who comment, even if you were anonymous but left a name and all, I know this will probably keep you guys from leaving me a comment, but I just got tired of the "anonymous" anonymouses. I appreciate everyone's visits, but it does you no harm to leave a nickname, or blog identity, if you have something to say, say it. I prefer to know who leaves the comments, that's all.

So it will let you sign into your Google/Blogger account, or Open ID, which I think includes Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal or even AIM accounts. That should cover most everybody.

Today is WWC day, but the Veteran's Day holiday threw me off... I'm going to do my best to get my entry up tomorrow.

In other news, I'm reading "Hearts In Atlantis" by Stephen King, and am really liking it so far. I have watched the movie before, so I tend to have those characters in my head when reading the story. I don't think that hurts any, at least I have a face to the names, and then I get to read way more detail and find out in depth what happens in the book. I'll let you guys know how I like it once finished. Just started yesterday and have only read about 120 pages, so it will take me a few days, dependent on how busy I am.

Other than that, I really don't have much to report. It's raining, and you know I love that. I just wish today wasn't band practice day... I would rather hide in my bed and watch a movie or something. Check you later! ;)


Jay said...

I rarely get an anonymous comment. Usually only from A-holes. haha ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Tru Dat Jay! Fortunately, comments from you always make it better! :D

Antriksh Satyarthi said...

landed on your blog for the first time..its quite nice i must say..;)

till d next time

Kenski said...

No anonymous? That's it... I'm not commenting... oh, wait, I just did! That didn't hurt... hmmm... okay!

Furtheron said...

I had to go for moderation on mine as there are some very odd folks out there who seem to delight in throwing abuse at me even though to my knowledge I've never met them and never known them....

BBC said...

I don't like anonymous commenters, that's why I don't allow them. On my blogs it was always some asshole that didn't like me but didn't want to show their face.

If others are not willing to show me who they are they can go to hell.

And not allowing them reduces spam.

It's raining here also, to much, I'm wanting to get things done outside that I can't do well in the rain.

It gets boring staying inside and even the masturbating gets old. Well, maybe it will stop for a while today and I can get out and do something.