Friday, November 28, 2008

Everyone Gobble

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving all. Ours was spent with family, most everyone showed up and we all enjoyed a nice visit. I am thankful for that and many things. Thankful for lots of good food that Mom cooked and we all contributed a thing or two, and I helped her clean up after, then popped by the In-Laws for Huz's side.

Was a really nice day. I'm sure everyone's stuffed to the gills (or full as a tick), whatever your favorite phrasing is... lol. Now on to the next phase of the holiday season, right?

Since last week's "WWC", I had a pic of a Castle in Memphis, and a couple people expressed an interest in knowing more about that. I'm trying to check a couple of facts about it, and I am going to give you all a bit more of the history behind "The Castle" tomorrow. How does that sound?

Also, I am going to work up one of my all-fire-famous "Stories" for you after that, you know one of my true tales of either geekery, debauchery, or just plain cool or goofy memories, if I can get it together.

There you go, you have a bit to look forward to, and a reason to stroll back through my 'Forrest' really soon... mmm'kay??

Now, go digest all that feast, and come back tomorrow.

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Jay said...

Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

I have a hangover.

Need pancakes for breakfast. ;-)