Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fear and Loathing En Mi Nariz y Garganta

I was going to call this post "Fear and Loathing En Las ventanas de la nariz" (meaning "Fear and Loathing In My Nostrils) but wished to shorten it, and Espanol just doesn't make it easy. So I went with "Fear and Loathing In My Nose and Throat". lol I know, too much effort for something that doesn't make a rat's ass really.

To get to the point, I've had the Unholy Crud this week, it started in my throat sometime between Monday and Tuesday, and by Tuesday afternoon my throat was scratchy and sore and I was beginning to feel like crap. Richie had to get in on the sinus problem thing too, so we had to beg off practice and opt to try and make it up on Friday if everything goes well that is. I've been taking medicine and all that jazz, and I sure hope to clear up soon because we gig Saturday night at Ubee's, and I don't want to sound like Brian Johnson (No offense Brian!). I prefer my more ladylike singing voice, and well just hope for my sake as well as The Rest of SAP's sake, that I do get well soon!

In other news, as you may or may not have noticed, I broke down and put the Anonymous option back on because I had a few dear visitors who like to come by and leave a note, but don't have an account, and they always leave their name. So I thought I would try allowing this once again. Just let me ask you the big favor, IF YOU DO POST as 'ANONYMOUS', just at least leave your name so I know who you are. If you post without signing, I will delete it. It takes no trouble, and if you know me, you should be fine with letting me know your identity. Indulge me anyway, please? Ok. Thanks.

Also, my sister sent me the link to a video yesterday, and I was just bolled over. Apparently "The Backstreet Boys" really are for the birds. This bird, "Snowball" dances better than most of the people I know... And also, someone commented on YouTube that the bird in the left-most cage is dancing too. Just really cute :) So Enjoy the Snowball Boogie.

I shall return, hopefully SNOTLESS!!!

* Special note, from the above link there is also a note that Snowball's owners are involved in an organization that is trying to build a Bird Habitat, looks like a good cause if anyone is interested, Find Out More Here:


Jay said...

Time to hit the NyQuil! Great stuff. I love NyQuil.

BBC said...

En Mi Nariz y Garganta

Jesusfuckingchrist, I have enough trouble with English, what is that crap?

NyQyuil isn't too bad, it can help. But I seldom get colds, those cold germs don't like to fuck with cranky fuckers like me.

Eunoia said...

Eye nose wad U ve:-(el laik

Godda cowd doo

g-man said...

Bummer AJ, I do hope you feel better soon. (Better the sniffles than running from the other end like my SIL. :)