Friday, November 07, 2008

Something Smells Fishy

I've been trying to post for a couple days now, but keep getting distracted and sidetracked. Aside from that I just have felt "ZERO" energy this week. I do not know what is up. I had my B12 shot over a week ago, more near 2 weeks ago. I never really felt a substantial boost from that, and have not had a very good week as far as my exercise regimen is concerned. I feel a little like crap.

To top that off, Richie's mood has been in the shitter this week because he had to adjust some of the crap that he is taking to become "Superman", and went through a couple of days of being an edgy asshole. That really pisses me off when someone is all edgy and jumps at the drop of a hat, tries to be all prickly and salty with me when I didn't do a damn thing. I don't feel like putting up with that shit. I would rather have a soggy, lazy, slacker of a human being than a "ripped" asshole (lol).

Today, he does the usual... "springs" a Barbecue on me. The house is in a mess, I generally don't like much company on Friday nights because I am tired, and ready to just chill out, but now we have to have people over, probably kids included, and 'fire up the grill'. Who's gonna clean up the extra-added mess? Of course, ME. Everyone else can fill their gut, smoke their cigarettes, eat their food, wear on my nerves, and then leave me with the mess... Sounds like heaven does it not?

The irritation doesn't end there, since he has a mission to throw a bunch of fish and seafood on the grill, he has to call me up while I'm still at work, and he's out driving around aimlessly, and ask me to look up the address to the fish market. I just happened to be in the elevator when he called because I was about to fall asleep and I had to go downstairs and get something to drink, and walk around for a moment. So he gets all pissy because I can barely hear him in the elevator (not my fault), so I have to scream "can I call you right back, when I get back to my desk?" YEAHH. ---CLICK---

So I get back to my desk, and I search google for any nearest fish markets, and call him back. I have trouble trying to explain where he needs to go, and he gets pissy and tries to throw one of his "Nevermind" fits. So, I say "hey wait... " and try to patiently instruct him, telling him where a fish market is, and he is telling me that he's probably JUST going to go to SAM'S or something. I say "fine", and we hang up. My mood is getting edgier by the minute.

Five minutes later, he calls me back angry because he went to look for the place that he didn't even PLAN on going to, the one that I didn't even bother trying to tell him about because of his 'just going to SAMS fit', and is mad because he turned on the wrong road and STILL didn't see any fish market... I'm ready to punch him in the eye at this point.

I try once again to instruct him which road to turn on and that he should go NORTH on that road (Richie angrily, "Which way is north, left or right?" Jackie patiently, "Left"). So he says "OK". I remind him that if that place falls through, that he should try to check out the one I was trying to instruct him about in the first place, and I get a half-hearted agreement out of him.

I haven't heard anything back from him yet, so either he found fish or he probably went and ran his truck over a gaggle of fisherman in a rage... In either case, I hope he cools off soon because I can't take much more of his attitude this week, he's driving me up the wall... Getting mad and irritated with me, when it was all HIS damn fault about something in the first place doth not a happy AJ Make.

Film at 11. Maybe not.


Jay said...

"I would rather have a soggy, lazy, slacker of a human being than a "ripped" asshole (lol)."

I knew I was made for you babe! ;-)

Oh wait .. I guess a soggy, lazy, slacker asshole wouldn't work either.

Either way I'd have a doctor look at those assholes. haha

BBC said...

My ass was sure dragging today, worn out by a planet that I don't like anymore, but at least I didn't have to put up with an asshole that can't find his own fucking fish market. LOL

It's a no brainer here, we have one fish market, one liqueur store, one whorehouse.

But the pussies here are just cats. Anyway, I mustered up enough energy for a two mile walk and some grocery shopping.

Anonymous said...

Marriage is such a beautiful thing...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like R needs to get off the T!!!

Anonymous said...

Jackie, it's me...Jinks....just catching up.....did you hear the one about the blind man, who past the fish market everyday and would stop and tip his hat and say aloud to no one..."Morning Ladies".....ewww, well fish,crabby husbands,and stale jokes all stink.....