Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hands and Feet (WWC)

All kinds of stuff going on this week, and it has been a founky (sp) start for me, so my "WWC" is very bare bones this week. The Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) is brought to us by the ALMOST MARRIED Tink of Pickled Beef! Congrats Tink as your day is drawing very close!!! :)

Tink gives us "Hands" and "Feet" for this week's words, and I believe while she is away, she's handing the reigns over to our favorite sexy Cynical Bastard (Jay). Can't wait to see what havoc he will reek with us!

Should be Wicked Fun.

Since I am in a bit of a creative kink, I can only offer to re post my feet, which should still thrill everyone I think. The shot is from when I was relaxing in Mom's pasture, and met with the fateful Karma Cow (as Tink called her).

AJ's feet pointed towards the sky, while grounding herself...

Well I do hope you enjoyed that, even if it was a repeat. Some things bear repeating, especially my bare feet. Sorry I don't have anything creative in the way of hands today, all out. I'll be around to see everyone as soon as I can to check up on your hands and feet.

Also, I know we just finished up Halloween, and I probably should've posted this then, but I just ran across it. My Sister, Vickie's favorite line from the Stephen King movie "It", I give you, KISS ME FAT BOY!!!. Clown haters, like me--might hate that, as we agree that clowns are always evil fuckers.

Now I know I'm exiting Halloween, we haven't even made it through Thanksgiving yet, and I'm going into something more related to Christmas. I guess I've spent too much time in Walgreen's. Those stores get their Christmas duds out before kids can wash off their Halloween make-up. But just as a laugh, I had to put this up too (much funnier and grosser than the clown), but dude's slightly nude (although you can't see anything). Just go ahead, gross yourself out at your own risk.

Jingle Bell Fart Video

That about does it for me today, I'm hoping by the end of the week I'll be over Monday. But then it's time to start all over again, right? Oh well... I'll feel a little better and maybe wordier tomorrow.



g-man said...

Loved the feet shot, you're right that one does bear repeating. The clown was a bit weird, and the fart guy, well Im a dude so it was perdy funny!! :)

Reb said...

The shot of your feet is definitely worth seeing again. I skipped the clown, but the fart guy was funny! Of course, I've always had a sick sense of humour.

kcinnova said...

I'm afraid to click on the vids...my boys are all home today and they already came running when I was playing Gary's cat video (Ginger for President)!

I LOVE the feet in the air. I think it is my first time seeing them, so I'm glad you re-posted!

Furtheron said...

The vids are just weird....

Foot shot is brilliant

Tink said...

I love that feet shot! The farting video was disgusting! Which means Hoop is going to LOVE it. Lol.