Monday, November 03, 2008

Human Touch

Hold On To Your Adidas, Here's A Blast From The Past.

The embedding was disabled on this, so you will have to Go To YouTube's Site and Watch It

Thought we could use a little video on this Monday. I'm lagging a bit, and as you can see I took the weekend away from blogging, just an end of the month rest of sorts. Now we are smack-up-in November as it seems. I can't believe that this year is nearly coming to a close. Every single year speeds up, we're running in Fast-Forward aren't we?

I'm going to do a little reading, watch "Heroes", and probably head off to my alternate reality (a.k.a. "dreamworld") kinda early tonight. See what interesting souls I can encounter there.

Hope your week shapes up to be a good one. How was everyone's Halloween??

More mental-mung from me along with the "WWC" tomorrow. C-U-Den.


BBC said...

True, we all need that touch, so why do the women around here make it so hard?

Every single year speeds up, we're running in Fast-Forward aren't we?

It's called exponential acceleration, the interesting thing is that we bring it upon our selves. Well, our society does.

The only way to avoid it is to drop out and let it speed by. Live your own quite life and ignore the rest as much as you can, don't get caught up in all of it.

I do pretty well at that, but it would help if I got off the internet. Then I would have much more time for my personal life.

Anonymous said...

True time does fly.Mind you as much as i like winter i am ready now for spring.I hate to see the trees bare of leaf,Aint nature a wonderful thing.

Anonymous said...

I posted some Halloween shots right after my WWC post. Or before, since the newest posts show first. Whatever.