Monday, November 24, 2008

If I Had A Nose Full Of Nickels

Then I'd be Richer than Snot, right? lol or well, at least richer than I was with a nose full of snot. I have improved some, I am still having hard nights, waking up coughing and all, but it is getting a little better. The gig Saturday night was tough. Nobody showed up of course, and the only people that WERE there were Ubee's employees and some college kids at the bar shouting "METALLICA!!!" AND "RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!" at us. It was a little disconcerting, but I marched on, vocally speaking.

We don't play Metallica, we don't play the Chili Peppers, We're NOT a cover band. Presently we've nothing but originals in our set (this is exceedingly rare). When you're a band that is not that well known, your originals are basically considered nothing but "art", and nobody really wants to come out and hear them. "Art" does not book shows, or draw much of a crowd. Memphis is a place where people want to hear the familiar, the historic, I guess they rock to what they know. When you're different, or 'Experimental' as we might be called, it's slim pickins' I suppose.

So I droned on through the set, with a scratchy throat and nearly lost my voice near the end of the second set. The place was a ghost town, the guy who booked the show had already flown the coop to catch another event he was due to make an appearance at. We cut a couple songs from the second set, and hauled our asses out of there, I was just relieved it was over.

After that, I spent Sunday recuperating as it seemed to make my voice worse than before, but I've been taking medicine, and hope to shake this by Thanksgiving.

Other than gigging, nothing else interesting came out of the weekend. Last night I caught up on the latest episode of "True Blood", and really have enjoyed that show, more than I thought I would. My husband and I ordered out some sushi rolls and kind of hit the sack early, got up for some Monday morning Cardio and I'm looking forward to this short, 3 day work week to say the least.

Hope all of you guys are doing well, and I'm sorry for my little hiatus, just haven't felt up to much with my "Unholy Crud" condition. By the way, I am still falling head over heels for this bird, "Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo".

So since it's a rainy Monday here in the River City, I'll share two more Snowball Videos. I give you 1. Snowball Dances To Huey Lewis, and 2. Snowball Rocks With "Another One Bites The Dust"

Don't forget, tomorrow is the Weekly Words Challenge with the fabulous Mrs. Tink Hoop!, wherein we tackle the words "Perfect" and "Flawed". C U DEN!!!


BBC said...

Making money at music is a hard gig. It's nice that you are starting to feel better though.

Before you know it you will be up to giving the old man some head, ha ha ha.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

You know when I listen to local bands I often wonder why they do not play their own stuff.

Anonymous said...

Haha...oh my goodness, that bird makes me laugh!
I completely empathise with the gigging situation you were in - it's insanely frustrating, especially when you see the successes of skinny 18-year-olds just because they have nice boobies. Not that I have anything against nice boobies, but when that's the sole reason for getting a record contract (that, and the who-you-know thing along with the fact that they can fix shitty pitch and all of that fun stuff), it...well, it irks me. There it is. Good for you for going with your original material.
And WOAH...BBC went right for it, eh?! Funny! :)

Furtheron said...

Good for you.

I've done all original bands, covers only and a mix.

Personally I love originals only - it is you, you've put yourself into it and there is the pride of it being your baby etc. etc.

Covers however gets you more money but often more hassle. I can play some RHCP songs and Metallica songs but I'm neither John Frusciante or Kirk Hammet and look both of those guys aren't each other no doubt it'd be interesting to hear RHCP cover Enter Sandman or Metallica cover Take it Away but I doubt you'd think it much good. I've played gigs where people comment on some of the songs not sounding like the original records... well they won't will they?

However to answer Ole Blues comment - in my experience the promoters, club/pub owners want covers bands because they know what they are getting. Stupid really, just get a jukebox. Going to people where I live with a totally original material band - you'll really really struggle to get gigs.

I'll not even go where freakazojd's gone as the whole X-Factor (American Idol) thing just completely does my head in.

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC! lol I can always count on you to bring us right to the point--hehe.

Ole Blue! Me too, although I must admit I enjoy a cover tune or two, but yeah the bulk being originals, it's just harder to get going, but I think admirable.

Freakazojd! Yes I love this bird! :)
Thanks, and yes you're right about that whole thing, that's just the way the world works though, the rest of us must just fall into place and fight for whatever we can in this life. BBC makes no bones about things... haha.

Furtheron! Thanks man, yes it is good to stay the course and keep our original work going, but it's just hard and sometimes so frustrating.

I agree, shows like American Idol and all that make an object out of what you "MUST BE" to be a star. I'm not at all like those perfect video girls, and never will be.

We are what we are... but we all have our place in this universe.